How to Create eCovers That Sell

If you sell intangible products online, this simple and short how-to will show you 6 steps to creating eBooks that grab prospects by the eyeballs, and even increase your click-throughs.

An eCover action is created mostly in Photoshop by the author. All you have to do is load the action in Photoshop, play it, modify the template, play another step, and it automatically plays back a sequence of events that creates what looks like a realistic photograph of your product in minutes. Read on..


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    Identify who you are selling to. Most new marketers don't take the time to get to know their prospect. This includes the other places they go, what they do in their spare time, and most importantly, the language and words they use to describe things.
    • There's much more you can find out about your market, and when you do this, you can make creating any sales material easy on yourself- including an eCover of the product you're selling. Marketers that have years of experience do this very thing.
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    Choose a bold, San-serif font for your eCover's headline or title. Use a smaller (but legible) text for the sub headlines and other text below it. What are the best fonts to use for your eCover headline? Verdana, Arial Bold, Copperplate, Tahoma bold, and Myriad Pro.
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    Include at least one benefit in your eCovers headline or title.
    • The title is great if your brand is already established and is recognized by many people.
    • People will buy a thing from emotion, and if you include the benefits your target market care about, you can grab their attention and increase the value of your eCover.
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    The smaller the font is, the more you need to spread out the letters.
    • Increase the font tracking in the image editor of your choice. This is a way of increasing the readability of the eCover. To test this, all you have to do after adding headlines and sub-headlines to your eCover, is to use the magnifying glass tool in your image editor.
    • Decrease the magnification and check to see if the text in your eCover needs to be a little larger, or if the tracking needs to be increased.
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    Decrease the tracking on larger text for your eCover. This should be simple, now that you've done the opposite to the smaller text. You can also bring the vertical space or "leading" closer together for better readability. This is also easily accomplished with the tools in your image editor.
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    Avoid placing text over busy background images. If you are ever in doubt of using a great looking background image over the words that will be used on your eCover, don't do it. More than likely, if you do, it's going to distract your prospect away from the words. Busy backgrounds will kill the message. Any images that don't relate to your target market, or the theme of what your product is about is asking for trouble.

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  • Any image editor like Gimp, PaintShop Pro, or Adobe Photoshop®

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