How to Create Cartoons with Tales Animator

Tales Animator is a program that makes cartoons from screenplay. This tutorial will teach you how to make a cartoon with this program.


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    Download & install the program. Most applications are like this.
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    Look at all the "Actors" that it has to offer. There are many actors including a "Kolobok", a woman, a bear, even a car! You can create your own actor for this program.
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    Read the help section often. This will help you with making your cartoon with tutorials and sample tales. If you don't know how to create a talking character, read the scripting language under the "Says" option.
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    Declare "Heroes" of the cartoon on the main window. Heroes are the people the actors play as.
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    Start typing screenplay. This is what it will animate. You do not need any artistic skills.
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    Preview what the cartoon will look like.Or you can export it right away.
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    If you like it, export your cartoon. If you export to AVI, "Microsoft Video 1" is the best codec.


  • If you don't like any of their actors, there is an "Actor Wizard" where you can make your own actor from pictures.
  • Tales Animator is freeware. So it's free, and has no spyware or ads.
  • Tales Animator is Windows-only. The software does not work on Mac computers unless a Windows emulator is used.
  • Tales Animator Makes cartoons from just screenplay. No artistic skills required.
  • You will need a lot of patience to make a cartoon.


  • Tales Animator is mainly meant for children, and is very simplistic. If you want more "professional" cartoons, you may want to use Adobe Flash or Toon Boom.
  • Do not expect your first cartoon to be the best thing ever. Just keep trying and you will get better.
  • Don't try making your own actor if you can't draw. Unless you have an image of who you want. (Example: a photo of Darth Vader.)
  • UPDATE ---> Tales Animator was always freeware, so now, even though the project is dead, virtually all available resources as well as installers for the full version 2 and the beta of version 3 can now be accessed. To find out what has happened, search Youtube for an upload titled 'Tales Animator file sharing (Updated info)'
  • There isn't a Mac version. But a Windows emulator can be used to run the software.
  • UPDATE AND CORRECTION --- Tales Animator 3.01 HAS been released for free download, although it is no longer supported. But if you want it, you CAN still get it. Go to and look for 'Tales Animator' in the menu panel. There are several good examples of TA animations on Youtube, including at least one from a user who has archived all the foreground and background resources, plus a collection of characters which don't come as part of the installation package. It is worth noting that WebCartoonMaker is also a script-based animation program and is bit like Tales Animator on steroids. That program has now also been released as a freeware standalone download and is still under development as of April 2013.
  • PLEASE NOTE - THE PROGRAM IS NOW OFFLINE. The homepage has closed down and the project is dead. There MAY be a few portals from which can download the program as long as they don't need to link to the original homepage. A beta of version 3 was released to a few users, but this was never released for general use. Only those users who acquired it would be able to supply it now. Version 3 had significant improvements but the 3D component was never really a success.

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