How to Create Business Letter White Space

You can write many different types of business letters during your working years. You might be selling a product, inquiring about a job or writing other business correspondence. No matter what type of letter you write, it is important that readers can easily understand it. Having white space helps the reader focus on your message without straining his or her eyes. This article will tell you how to create business letter white space.


  1. Image titled Set uniform margins Step 1
    Set uniform margins on the left and right sides of the document. It is suggested that margin sizes be 1-1.5 inches (3-3.5 cm).
  2. Image titled Paragraphs lined up left side Step 2
    Keep all your paragraphs lined up on the left side throughout your letter. Do not make indentations unless you are using bullets to clarify a point.
    • Avoid "justifying" or "align righting" your letter. These alignments make letters difficult to read. Your right margins should be ragged, not uniform.
  3. Image titled Body letter no lower midway Step 3
    Start the body of your letter no lower than midway down your page. This allows for the correct amount of white space and ease of reading.
    • Most readers find starting letters or paragraphs near the end of a page challenging. It tends to interrupt a reader's concentration.
  4. Image titled Leave 2 lines space Step 4
    Leave 2 lines of space between paragraphs. Having these gaps tell the reader you are moving on to the next point or topic of the letter.
    • This break between blocks of text is also a way to give the person's eyes a break while he or she is reading.
  5. Image titled Organize your letter Step 5
    Organize your letter so it does not appear repetitive by mixing up your use of paragraph lengths. This can also give the reader an illusion of more white space.

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