How to Create an Outdoor Space with Patio Pavers

You can use pavers to create a stunning outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing, cooking, and spending time with family. These tips will help you turn your yard into a destination.


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    Walk your yard and determine where would be the best location to create your new outdoor living space. Pavers can be arranged in a variety of patterns, fit in small spaces, and be used to create tiered patios connected by paver steps. This enables you to select from virtually any location in your yard. Consider laying pavers at the entry to your back door or slider then laying walkway pavers to your final destination.
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    Prepare the ground by outlining the area where your pavers will be laid. It needs to be excavated by digging 6"-8" deep. [1]
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    Check the soil density. The soil needs to be able to support the weight of the pavers. If it needs additional support you can install a geotextile layer.
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    Install the base. A gravel base needs to be installed. You typically want it to be 4"-6" deep.
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    Compact the base. The gravel needs to be tightly compacted.
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    Install the pavers. This is where you can get creative. Patio pavers can be installed in a variety of shapes, patterns, and colors. You can choose from a wide variety online and order the color and texture that fits your personal style.[2]
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    Pour sand filler in between the cracks in the pavers. The sand filler helps to hold them in place, preventing them from getting loose.
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    Clean your pavers after installation. This can help you identify any areas that may need additional sand filler.
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    Enjoy your new, beautifully designed outdoor space. Pavers can turn your yard into something extraordinary.


  • You can extend the life of your pavers, and keep the weeds away, by using paver sealer. This is optional but highly recommended for areas that get wet, like around the pool.

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