How to Create an iPhone 4 Using NX9 Unigraphics

Creating an iPhone 4 using NX 9 Unigraphics can be a fun project to practice your skills if you have used the software before. Follow these instructions to create your very own iPhone 4!


  1. 1
    Start this project in millimeters.
  2. Image titled Step 1 110.png
    Enter a sketch on the Y and X plane for the body. Then create a rectangle that is a 115.15 mm (millimeters) length by 58.55 mm width, the width should be horizontal and on the X axis line with the length going vertically upward. Be careful to make sure that the middle of the rectangle is the Y axis so it should be 29.3 mm from the Y axis to each parallel side of the rectangle.
  3. Image titled Step 2 80.png
    Extrude the rectangle by 3.08 mm in the Z direction.
  4. Image titled Step 3 real.png
    Start a new sketch on the extruded face of the rectangle and make a new rectangle within the first one to make the second body piece. The new rectangle should be 0.6 mm inside the first rectangle.
  5. Image titled Step 4 70.png
    Extrude the new rectangle by 1.59 mm. The shape that you are creating should start to look like the base of the iPhone 4.
  6. Image titled Step 5 61.png
    Go to 'Mirror Geometry' in Features and select the whole model as Geometry to Mirror and then click the X and Y plane along the back of the piece and press 'Ok'. Then unite the two halves.
  7. Image titled Step 6 42.png
    Use edge blend to round all four corners to a 8.77 mm radius. There should be no corners after using edge blend.
  8. Image titled Step 7 22.png
    Create a new sketch on the left side of the iPhone 4 to create the two volume buttons. Make two circles with a diameter of 4.80 mm, on the widest part of the face and place the first circle 24.63 mm away from the top edge of the phone. Next, place the second circle 10.29 mm below the first circle, make sure both circles are 4.67 mm from farthest the side edge of the phone.
  9. 9
    Extrude the two circles by .60 mm.
  10. Image titled Step 8 18.png
    Start a new sketch on the top face of the phone and create a rectangle on it close to the right edge to make the lock button. Next, place the furthest side of the rectangle 19.44 mm away from the right edge of the phone. (The button should be placed 3 mm width by 10.1 mm length and the middle of the button 1.5 mm from the blue sketch line that separates the two halves of the phone.)
  11. Image titled Step 9 13.png
    Use the Fillet Command and click the first icon in the Fillet Command box. Then, make all four corners of this rectangle a 1.5 mm radius.
  12. 12
    Use the Quick Trim Command to delete all of the green lines outside of the lock button.
  13. Image titled Step 10 14.png
    Extrude the lock button by .60 mm to do the final extrude needed for this project.
  14. Image titled Step 11 9.png
    Finished. Your model should look like this.

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