How to Create an Imaginary Horse

Have you ever been bored? Are you a horse lover? Let's say you don't own a horse, but you really want to, more than anything! Well, a good way for curbing boredom and making your dreams of owning a horse come true is to create an imaginary horse. Get started at step number one below.


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    Research horses; their care, looks, breed characteristics and other various knowledge. You won't know fully what you want to horse to be (if you want a realistic horse, that is) unless you gather references. Some good resources are books, the internet, horse magazines, or just visiting a local horse breeder, stables or even farm.
    • If you go the book route, some good books include:
      • Ultimate Horse
      • The Official Horse Breeds Standards Book
      • The Encyclopedia of the Horse
      • The Horse and Pony Encyclopedia
      • Album of Horses
      • For Horse-Crazy Girls Only
    • If you go the internet route, some good resources are:
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    Make up your own breeds of horse. It can be completely imaginary, or a combination of two or more actually horse breeds. In your imagination, you can have a Miniature Heavy Horse if you like with a combination of the characteristics of a Suffolk Punch and a Falabella, if you like, or something that we would never exist in real life like a pure white Friesian horse.
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    Choose a body form/horse type. There four main horse types; Draft/Heavy horses, Light horses, Warmbloods, and Ponies.
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    Choose a color for your imaginary horse. If you don't know the colors horses can be, check on a website. Or, if you wanted, you could have a unrealistic color of horse, like lilac or metallic gold.
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    Choose a marking for your horse. There are quite a few different markings. The basics of them are listed below.
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    Choose a gender. A mare is a female horse, a stallion is a uncastrated male horse. Gelding is a term used for a castrated male horse, and a colt is a young male horse, and a filly is a young mare.
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    Do an imaginary 'Background Check'. Choose if you want to pretend you caught your horse from the wild, saved it from an animal shelter, purchased it from a horse breeding farm or find it on your back yard one day.
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    Name your horse. Make it something creative that matches its temperament, appearance or abilities. You can have an imaginary horse named anything you like, from Dave to Daisy.
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    Consider caring for your imaginary horse on a daily basis. You can groom it, muck it out, ride it, and feed it as often as you care to imagine. To groom it, you need to brush it, clean it, and if you want to, shine it's hooves.
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    Decide if you want your horse to be a regular horse, show horse, racehorse, or something else you dream up. Your imaginary horse can work on a farm pulling ploughs, perform in a circus, be part of the Spanish Riding School, work with disabled children, pull a carriage, hunt, hack, race or fly! There are no limits.
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    Choose its likes and dislikes. Give you horse some details to make its imaginary life richer. Does it love mints, rolling in long grass and running in sand? Maybe your horse hates carrots, having its ears touched and going into the horse box. You can give your imaginary horse similar likes and dislikes to your own personal preferences, or make it different to you.
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    "Copyright" the looks, name, and personality of your horse. This way arch-enemies can't "steal" your horse, or the details of your horse without your permission. Enjoy your imaginary horse!
    • For example: Hurtle (Hurtling through the trees) is a bay stallion. His breed is unknown. He has four white socks and a star on his forehead. He came from a man who bet his life and lost the bet, so Hurtle is now competing in the Olympics! He loves jumping out of his paddock, mud and food. He hates standing still, baths, and thunder. His best mate is Storm, the Shetland stallion!
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    Have a lot of patience and work hard. Just like with a real horse, an imaginary can be hard work. Take it slowly and let your imagination soar!


  • Keep it in a big pasture with a lot of grass so it's ok and has room to eat and play.
  • Sketch out your horse. Then you can get a good idea of what it looks like.
  • If you want, you could even write a story complete with illustrations about your horse.
  • Teach it commands and tricks, especially if it's a show horse or racehorse.
  • If your horse kicks you or bites you, just slowly walk away and let it have it's space.
  • If you get bored with your horse, "give it away" to a friend or sibling that will look after it well.
  • Don't hurt your horse, even if you are mad at it. It may run away or get aggressive with you.
  • If you are giving away your horse, sell it for a fee! You may earn money for your mental creativity and imagination!

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