How to Create an Extraordinary Quality of Life

Psychology is fundamental to your actions and behavior. Learn basic psychology and you will understand and change the outcome of your actions. The use of your state, focus and language patterns will enable you to enjoy life at the extraordinary quality.


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    Life is so interesting, it is very different for each and every person. Sometimes, people just wonder why they can not achieve what another can do while their backgrounds and circumstances are not so different. What are the compositions of life we can search for that make us live to full potential? Is there a chance that we can enhance the quality of our life to the same level as that of great accomplisher's? What are the steps? I have laid out here the fundamentals of how to create an extraordinary quality of life. These fundamentals will stimulate your growth in all dimensions of your life.
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    Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle: To understand the quality of life, we need to understand one word: psychology. The single force that shapes your life is the force of psychology. By definition, psychology is the process by which you interpret the world to create meaning in your life. All the success gurus in this world teach that psychology is the only cause that makes you success or fail. Right psychology will not only make you a fortune but also all the happiness you want in life. The first ingredient that affects our mind is physiology, or how we use our body. We do things according to our physiology pattern. These include the way we put our posture, our movement, and even go further to the biochemistry in the body. Do you know that the tears you have when you cry out of sorrow and when you cry from joy have different chemical ingredients? Do you know that we can easily change the chemical composition in our blood just only feel differently? This is true. When we have different physiological pattern, we act differently. We can straighten up our body, put our shoulders up , put a smile in our face. Physiology can lead you to a certain state of the mind.
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    Think Positive: Your state of mind is the major cause of how you do things. Your state controls you like a programmer is controlling a computer. People normally work perfectly well, they just run poor programs. If you need to change the results, you need to start first with your state. This is why we need to be excited all the time. We need to be passionate in what we are doing. This is what the top athletes do before they go into all important matches. They put themselves in the right state which is called peak state. This is a state which we believe that we fully control our life and we will succeed no matter what the circumstance is.
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    Visualize your Transformation: Making visualization will help you go into that state. Every morning if you visualize what you want to achieve regularly, we will be able to put yourself into peak state and will be ready for your daily challenge.
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    Confront and Remove Obstacles in your Life: After you put yourself into the state that you are ready to confront everything, you start with the right focus. The focus on your goals will help you do what is relevant to it and eliminate unnecessary task. The focus is controlled by your values, beliefs, rules and identity. You need to raise your standard in all area. Choose these controlling factors that will empower you to the next level not to lower you down.
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    The other factor that controls our action is the language we use with ourselves. What message or what meaning we give to a certain outcome you get. Believe it or not, people are always searching for meaning to look for what will mean “Pain” and what will mean “Pleasure” to them. The pattern of the language includes the vocabulary, positive affirmation and making metaphors. Using the right technique will enable you to cope with the situation correctly. When you get the outside information, you normally ask yourself what this means to me. Then the next question to yourself is what I should do using the information in your brain. You may try to delete the unnecessary information, distort the information you don’t want or generalize the information that is simple. This all comes from the interpretation process in your brain according to your self-communication. Make sure that you use the right language and ask the right question. If you ask the right question, you get the right answer. It is the same as lousy question.

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