How to Create an Enchanted Garden

Create a gorgeous garden that looks like something out of a fairy tale. All you need: some flowers and soil & some whimsical touches. Here's your chance to get creative and make a dreamy and tranquil space.


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    Clean up! Get the rake, some garden sheers, gloves and a yard bag. It's time to clear away the clutter that is keeping you from seeing the potential. Trash garbage and put compostable items like dead leaves in your composter.
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    Visit your garden centre. Pick up some bags of rich, organic soil that are multi-purpose (good for use in the veggie patch and flower beds, pots, etc.). Flowers are essential in any garden that evokes a magical quality. Green plants add a lush element. Opt for native plants. Native plants and flowers are beautiful and they survive on less water than invasive species, so they're eco-friendly and economic too!
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    Add some sparkle. Reflective materials are commonly seen in images of enchanting gardens. Certain kinds of rocks have crystals on the surface. Scattering these types among river rocks will achieve a glittering effect while keeping a natural look.
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    Add a Touch of Whimsy. Most garden centres offer lovely decorative crafts that can be nestled into flower beds. Ceramic figures of birds, mushrooms and snails look adorable peeking out from flowers and shrubs. Tree stumps and wooden bird feeders add a great natural element as well. Stepping stones will lead your guests from one end of the garden to the other.
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    Go to an antiques store, even a thrift store and look for wrought iron candle holders, wagon wheels and sculptural pieces like busts to add to the garden.
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    Add a water feature such as a pond, fountain or a simple bird bath. Water reminds us of streams and rivers, the kinds you may find in a forest, which will only add to the ambiance you want. Also, water invites birds to the garden and has a calming and healing quality.
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    Last, but not least, pick a patio set that best suits the theme. Wicker & wrought iron sets blend beautifully into an enchanted garden strewn with treasure.


  • Look for items you may already have in your home such as candle holders & an old wooden chair.


  • If you let your pets out into the garden (hoping that would only happen if it is fenced in), make sure to pick out plants that aren't going to make them sick. Bulb plants like daffodils and onion flower are toxic for cats, for example.

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