How to Create a Whimsical Garden

Whimsy may be described as an unusual and playful idea or concept. Therefore, a garden of whimsy should evoke a feeling of lighthearted uniqueness. There are many ways to add whimsy to a garden, and you may execute them regardless of your gardening experience. Follow these tips for how to create a whimsical garden.


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    Place garden art in your garden. Things like statues, sculptures, tree faces, gazing globes and mosaic walls create visual interest and lend an ambiance of surprise. Focus on the unexpected for a truly whimsical feel. For example, you may place 2 gargoyle statues at the entrance of your garden, or use an old canoe as a planter, to create a garden feel of whimsy.
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    Choose a theme. An easy way to add whimsy to your garden is to choose a whimsical theme for your garden. The secret garden, Alice in Wonderland and gnome land are examples of themes that would lend to a feel of garden whimsy.
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    Cater to the animals. Attract birds, squirrels, rabbits and rodents to your garden by putting bird feeders and seed/nut dispensers in your whimsical garden. Also, place some decorative birdbaths throughout the garden for even more aesthetic appeal.
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    Set up a dining area. Spark your garden guests' imaginations by establishing a dining area against the backdrop of your garden. Be sure to use outdoor furniture, and to keep in mind the whimsical theme when choosing the furniture style.
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    Add splashes of color. Color is a great way to add visual interest and an element of whimsy. Remember that the secret to having a whimsical garden is to create the feeling of playfulness and wonder; Therefore, there is no "wrong" color combination. You may choose to plant colorful flowers, decorate with bright garden art, or paint the garden fence in order to create a garden full of color.
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    Create pathways. Pathways that lead to different parts of your garden add a mysterious feeling. There are many materials you may use to create pathways throughout your garden, including pebbles, bricks, paving stones, tiles and more.
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    Plant wildflowers and berries. Plants that naturally grow wild, and that produce colorful flowers and berries, are a great addition to a garden of whimsy.
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    Set up stations for playing common outdoor games. Consider including play areas for cricket, horseshoes, badminton, hopscotch and/or bocce ball. Additionally, you may create a garden area specifically catered to child's play in order to add even more color and whimsy by adding a swing set, a slide, a merry-go-round and/or a playhouse.
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    Arrange a sitting area. Use lounge chairs, rocking chairs, outdoor settees and tables to invite guests to sit amid your whimsical garden and take it all in. Choose unique furnishings that are weather-proof and that speak for your personal style.
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    Take advantage of the property. Use the unique features of your garden to its advantage. For example, if your garden is hilly, has a lot of large tree stumps and is home to a frog pond, then you can create a garden full of whimsy by building staircases and bridges as pathways up the hills and across the pond, and you can use your tree stumps as unexpected planters.

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