How to Create a Wedding Welcome Bag

Whether welcoming traveling guests to your hometown or sending a happy greeting to those coming from afar for the destination wedding of your dreams, personalized wedding welcome bags are an excellent way to welcome your guests to town. They show guests that you’re excited about their attendance, and are an excellent way to help them remember your special day.


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    Determine how many visiting guests you will need to make bags for.
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    Choose a personalized container, such as a reusable tote bag or Kraft paper bag, to hold the contents of your gift.
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    Thoughtfully consider what you will put in your bags. While it's easy to get carried away with excitement when it comes to what you put in your bag, it's important to pick items for your bag that best represent you, the bride and groom, as well as to consider your wedding location or theme.
    • If hosting a hometown wedding, let your out-of-town guests experience your hometown favorites by including goodies from some of your favorite spots. Gifting a bag of beans from a local coffee shop, a bottle of beer from a nearby brewery, a container of jam from the farmer's market, sports memorabilia from your Alma mater, or baked goods from your favorite bakery are all great ways to welcome your guests to town.
    • Having a wedding with your toes in the sand? Flip flops, towels, sunglasses, lip balm, and sunscreen all make great beach gifts!
    • Headed to the mountains for your wedding? Welcome your guests with a blanket or a custom coffee cup or travel mug. By choosing gifts appropriate to your destination or theme, your guests are sure to appreciate your thoughtful efforts.
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    Remember to include useful items that your guests can use on their weekend away.
    • When traveling, we all know how easy it is to forget something useful at home. By leaving some “oops” essentials, your guests can enjoy their visit instead of worrying about finding the nearest drug store.
    • Your guests will be thankful for bandages after a fun night on the dance floor, and snack packages are always an appreciated gift!
    • Consider adding a reusable water bottle as it might be needed the morning after the wedding, and throw in some aspirin just in case! Your guests will be glad you did!
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    Personalize the contents of your bag. In this day in age, it's easy to add your personal imprint to almost anything. Consider buying some personalized items for your bag to help your guests remember your special day, or add your mark with custom labels or hang tags.
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    Assemble your bags and distribute them to your guests. Either personally give your gifts firsthand, or arrange for them to be waiting in your guests' hotel rooms upon their arrival.


  • Personalized tote or Kraft bags are a great ways to present your gift, but decorative boxes and blank bags also work well when decorated with a custom label or hang tag.
  • Tote bags make a great way to house your gift as they are practical items that can be used time and time again.
  • For couples traveling with children, add a few age appropriate items such as books, candy, or toys, for the children to enjoy.
  • If your wedding weekend follows a tight timeline, add a printed schedule to your bags to help keep your guests in the loop.

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