How to Create a Wedding Memory Book

Tying the knot? Your story has more meaning than flowers or a five tiered cake. When did you first meet? Why did you fall in love? Wedding memory books are great for commemorating those special moments and for displaying the professional photos from your special day.


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    Decide the scope of your wedding memory book. Do you want to just document the wedding-related events (the proposal, dress selection, bridal shower, wedding day, etc.) or would you like to include memorable events throughout your relationship and engagement? This determines the length and photo selection of your book.
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    Look through the proofs of your wedding photos and mark the ones that stand out to you. Go with your gut feeling and err on the side of inclusion -- you can sort out the bad ones later. Don't spend too much time over thinking each photo.
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    Out of your top choices, pick the must-have photos. First, throw out the photos that are unflattering or contain mistakes. Next, pick out 15-20 of your favorites that will definitely be included in the album. The remaining photos are available if space permits.
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    Think of meaningful moments you may have missed with the initial scouring of your photos that are integral to telling the story of your relationship with your spouse. Find photos to represent those significant times. Consider captioning those moments in the book -- or if you think that would clash with your album theme, just know that you can always tell the story verbally whenever you share your album with others.
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    Leave at least 30% of your photo album for photos with top-notch aestheticism. All of your photos should be well-composed, but these stand out in the way that they look. Even if these photos are less meaningful, they tie the whole book together into a work of art.
    • These can include people or just feature beautiful details like flower arrangements, wedding cakes, food, the venue, etc.[1]
    • Consider professional photos taken on your bridal shower or wedding day. In fact, you may want to get professional advice on photo composition to help you pick out the best photos.
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    Decide on a theme for your book. Pick a look-and-feel that represents your and your spouse's relationship. This should be something you both agree on and both visually enjoy. Some examples you can consider are:
    • Elegant: Leather-bound covers (perhaps trimmed with lace or finished with a chiffon bow), fancy script font, thick glossy pages and nude colors. You may make your album entirely or partially with black-and-white photos to heighten the sophistication. Your photos may mostly include "candids" and scenery shots.
    • Modern: A plastic hardcover album with matte pages and minimal color (probably black and white), though you may decide you want one color (e.g., red) to run through and highlight important things in the book. There will be an emphasis on shapes and typography, and how all of these elements fit together in the book. You may want to align your photos in artistic placements instead of what photo albums usually look like.
    • Classic: Black glossy cover and black pages, with one photo in the center of each page. Black is a great backdrop for emphasizing photos of any color, so make sure that the ones you pick are of exceptional quality in color and resolution. No captions, because the photos speak for themselves. Typography should be simple and kept consistent.
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    Decide on a color scheme for your book. You may have already done this when thinking about the theme, but nevertheless, it's important to have a specified palette of colors to choose from for various aspects of the album.
    • Think about questions like: what color do you want the pages to be? What colors do you want the text and the emphasized text to be? How do these colors mesh with the color of the pages/covers and the colors of the photos?
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    Design the front and back covers. Do you want to include a photo of you and your spouse, or would you rather feature a photo of a symbolic object? Alternatively, you may choose to keep it simple with a single-color cover and aesthetically-pleasing typography.
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    Physically organize your proofs in order to tell a story with your wedding album. You'll probably want it to be displayed chronologically, but feel free to organize in a way that appeals to you. At this point, you may notice that you have forgotten some parts of your story with the photos that you chose -- it's not too late to go back through your proofs to substitute photos in.
    • As you lay out the pictures, think of what size you want to use for each photo. This can vary from page to page, but you probably want photos on two pages that face each other to be congruent. You may want to blow up extremely important photos -- e.g., the exchange of wedding vows -- to take up the whole page, but keep photos of the food and decorations to 5"x7".
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    Put it all together! Even if you have designed everything yourself up to this point, you may want to consult professionals to complete the actual book. They will be sure to make the binding straight, mount the photos exactly, etc., and you can dictate the look and feel of the entire project.


  • Don't let photos of objects or scenery overpower the photos of people in your book. Humans tend to be more interesting photo subjects, and you'll want to spotlight all of the important people in your and your spouse's lives.
  • To make your wedding book really stand out, you can opt for a fabric album with Japanese silk covers, for example.[1] These exotic options are expensive, but you can consult a professional wedding album creator to understand your options and get a quote.
  • Wedding albums typically come in covers made of canvas, (faux) leather, hardcover plastic or suede.[1] Pick one that best suits your theme and budget.
  • You can also choose to create a wedding album online with a scrapbooking service. These may limit your options, but they make photo selection and organization either. You can also electronically share the album with close friends and family to assist you.

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