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How to Create a Warm Oil Hair Treatment for Very Dry/Damaged Hair

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Hair damaged from heat and over-styling? Want to help prevent split ends? Hair lank, lack-lustre and in need of a little boost?... I find this warm oil mask works wonders for my dry hair, so here is what I do to help it look and feel shinier, thicker and healthier.

Warm Oil Treatment Mask

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    Firstly, brush out your hair so that it is free of tangles. For medium to long hair, measure out 100 milliliters (3.4  fl oz) of olive oil into a jug and microwave for 25 seconds. The oil must be WARM only. It is VERY IMPORTANT you do not heat for longer as you can get some horrendous burns from hot oil.
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    In a bathroom or kitchen (anywhere without carpets) set up what you need. An old towel is essential for protecting clothing, and wear some old clothes you don't mind getting oil-stained. Standing over a sink or tub, slowly pour small amounts of oil a bit at a time onto the roots and massage into the hair with your fingertips. This is a great opportunity to give yourself a relaxing head massage, and the warmth from the oil feels great and is very calming.
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    Once the roots are well covered, move down to the mid and end sections of the hair. It may be easier at this point to pour the oil into your hands and massage gently through all the layers of the hair with your palms so everything is covered.
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    Don't rough up the hair, apply gently. This will make covering all the hairs and combing through easier.
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    When all the hair is thoroughly covered, comb through gently, twist up onto your head and use a large clip to hold it. Wrap your head in cling film to keep the heat from your head warming the oil. Wrap a towel around your head so you don't look like some crazy person with a cling film hat if someone comes to the door!
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    Leave for one hour, then remove the towel, cling film and clip. First rinse off all the excess oil (its better to a detachable shower head so can just wash your hair and not get your entire body all oily if taking a full shower). Then using a silky/moisturising shampoo, thoroughly lather all over the scalp, hair and nape of the neck. Rinse (you may need to wash the hair twice) and apply a moisturising conditioner. Rinse and squeeze out excess water with a towel. Allow to air dry and DO NOT BRUSH this point. Hair will stretch and lose elasticity if brushed when wet; not ideal for already damaged hair.
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    Once dry, brush out. Hair should feel thicker and look shinier and sleeker. Repeat this routine once a week and you'll really begin to see results.

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