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So, you just love Harry Potter. And you love Hogwarts too, right? So why not make an awesome Hogwarts party that your friends will never forget! The catch is, they don't have a clue about it. If you like the idea, read on.


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    Make the invitations seem cool, but normal. You will need some friends that are in on the surprise, so e-mail them or give them a special invite out of school. Here's an example:
    • Dear ______,
    • Come to my surprise party!
    • We'll have lots of fun! I hope you can come! The date is ________. Please meet me at (venue) ______. It would be nice if you could please wear black robes or clothes, and maybe green, red, blue or yellow ties. Please bring a stick or a wand too, and maybe a pocket watch! See you!
    • Love, ______
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    Now that you know they're going to try to wear costumes, gather a group of friends who know the catch. If you are a girl, you need 2 boys. If you are a boy, you need a boy and a girl. This will be so you can make the Harry Potter trio, but this is optional. Some other choices are below.
    • 3 girls - Hermione, Luna and Ginny
    • 3 boys - Harry, Ron and Malfoy
    • 2 girls, one boy - Hermione, Ginny, Ron/Harry
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    Make sure you have YOUR costumes prepared, then start working on the place that you're going to hold your party!
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    Your house is good because you can do anything you want with it, but if you really want something spectacular, go to a party place, book a venue and tell them the theme is Harry Potter.
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    It's best to do the party in October, as it's the month of Halloween and there are more spooky decorations.
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    Get your parents to join in the fun too! Make them be teachers. Grandparents and siblings can help as well! Older siblings can be prefects (make sure they choose their house), younger siblings can be the first years/ teachers' kids, Mom can be Professor Sprout (especially if she's a little bit chubby), Dad can be Snape, Granddad could be Dumbledore and Grandma can be McGonagall.
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    Make a small speech for your helpers to say. Like for Dumbledore, "I have great pleasure in welcoming you to Hogwarts." Or for Professor Sprout, "Careful with those Mandrakes!" Prefects can stand outside the venue, guiding people in small groups to go up.
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    If you have a house, make the porch dark. Put maroon, green, blue and yellow balloons outside.
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    Then, make each room a class - for example, the kitchen can be the Hogwarts Kitchen (Strictly NO entrance!), a room filled with plants can be Herbology, and if you have a basement with lots of little bottles and collections, there's your Potions room.
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    Once the kids enter, have somebody look like they're going to jump out, but be a prefect. "Hallo!", they say, and off you go.
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    Walk up to the Great Hall (probably a big place in your venue/your living room), and take the list of party guests. Explain to them that the prefects and teachers will give out points, and the house with the most points wins. Tell them that they're going to get sorted.
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    Call them one by one. Put a magician's/witch's hat on their heads, and from behind somewhere, have someone secretly shout their house. Have siblings sorted too. For example:
    • Brown, Zoe? (a parent or grandparent)
    • "HUFFLEPUFF! (backstage person)
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    Have a tour of your venue/house. Guide people around and then, sit down where you're going to have your party. Some cool things to try:
    • Hogwarts Disco Night!
    • Pin the Wand on the Wizard
    • Reading HP books or watching the movies
    • A Harry Potter trivia quiz (have a representative from each house, and award points/take away points for every answer.
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    Once you've done that, have the feast in the Great Hall (you can find a helpful article for that in Related wikiHows). A little bit through the feast, have a professor or prefect come in screaming "TROLL! IN THE DUNGEON! TROLL! Uh, I thought you wanted to know. *faints*" A professor (preferably Dumbledore) will tell everyone to not panic and evacuate to the basement, while they stay upstairs and banish the "troll."
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    When everyone is in the basement, have them stay there. Some people will get panicky, but if they want to go home, whisper to them "Snape and Dumbledore will get this sorted out in a few moments. Now ssh." Give prefects the signal, and have a professor come out and say "All clear."
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    Once everyone's out, have a venue/housewide hunt for the Philosopher/Sorcerer's Stone. Have people go in threes, and the people who find it get 60 points for their house. But remember to include 1 challenge, that the people who find the stone have to defeat a monster (you dressed up in a dragon suit).
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    Have the house cup at the end of the year. Have Dumbledore go announce it. "Hmm... may I have your attention, please? Thank you. In last place, with __ points, (house)______. In third place, with ___ points, _____. In second place, with a close to first finish with __ points, ____. And the winner, with an astounding ___ points, is.... _______!"
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    Have everyone leave with a little Harry Potter party bag. Be a good host. Make sure everyone got one! And for the house cup winners, have a special little treat. Maybe a little chocolate.

Life At Hogwarts Method

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    Get some invites. Normal shop-bought invites may be convenient but they don’t really have that Hogwarts feel. Instead, make your own invites by hand. Write out your invites by hand on some parchment, tie the envelope with a red ribbon and give the invites out. Don’t forget to print the Hogwarts crest on the envelope! Also, it might be fun to address people by their Harry Potter character names.
    • If you want your invites to look perfect, you can make the paper look old by scrunching it up and staining it with a tea bag. This will make the invites super cool!
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    Decorate your house. That’s not a bedroom, it’s Albus Dumbledore’s office! Your house is literally waiting for you to turn it into Hogwarts. You garden could easily be the greenhouse or Hagrid’s monsters and mythical animals lesson. Your dining room would make a nice grand hall, don’t you think? Oh, and don’t forget Snape’s potion mixing class, along with all the common rooms!
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    Sound effects. Add some sound effects from the movie like the sound of moaning myrtle in the bathroom or the mandrakes crying loudly in the greenhouse. You can even include Ron's car being crashed by the whomping willow. Most of these sounds can be found cheaply and sometimes freely online.
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    Bring it all home. It can’t be a real Harry Potter party if you don’t go searching for the Basilisk in your basement (which, of course, looks a lot like the Chamber of Secrets). You don’t need to use a real snake for this, just use your imagination. Somebody could dress up like Lord Voldemort while the others try to defeat him. There’s lots to be done so be sure to try everything.
    • It doesn’t all need to be fighting though. You can try having some potion mixing classes, joining a wizard chess club or even having a magic duel. Remember that no physical fighting or deadly spells are allowed though!
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    Have a feast. You can find out how to make Harry Potter food right here on wikiHow.
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    Award the house cup!


  • For the troll part, it's good to have some fake screaming noises in the background which will make everyone want to scream too. In HP and the PS/SS, the troll part is on the DVD. Simply forward to that part, pause, and when the professor/prefect comes in, play at full volume. Remember to stop when Dumbledore appears!
  • Serve Butterbeer. It's delicious and nutritious.
  • Have a little house dance-off. It's a fun way to get everyone in shape!
  • You can host these parties annually, and make every year a different one! This year was focusing on the PS/SS plot, but next year, make a Chamber of Secrets!
  • For an extremely good time, have the "Potter Olympics"! You can judge 4 sports: Wand toss, potion run, Patronus charm and Boggart resistance. You make up the rules, apart from Boggart resistance... here's how to play. The other rules are down here if you're not feeling very creative today. Make some medals, too!
      • Boggart resistance: Have someone tell you their worst fear. Guide them in a room complete with things like that, and see how long they can stay in that room without crying "Mommy!" The max time is 15 minutes, so that everyone can get a turn.
      • Patronus charm: Have a pencil used as a wand this time. Patronus are animals, so, have people draw themselves casting their Patronus (drawing themselves with the animal of their choice).
      • Wand toss: Have people in groups of 5, and have a record on how long they can toss wands to each other... without dropping them. Last team standing wins!
      • Potion run: Partners work together to get the correct potion to Snape. If he calls out "Bezoar stomach with Grindelwald", the teams have to run to the potion cabinet, and present the potion to Snape. If they get it wrong, they'll have to start again, and if they cheat, they're disqualified. However, if they win, they get a medal!
  • Have a few spare robes, wands and ties for people who forget so they don't feel left out.


    • Yes, there will be some party crashers. Put them in Slytherin... and ignore them. Even if they are extremely good, ignore. And don't choose them as a quiz house representative, because you don't want to give them points, do you?
  • Don't lash out on people for bringing wrong clothes - just politely remind them for next time, or if they live across the street, kindly ask them to change.

Things You'll Need

  • A venue
  • Invites
  • Friends
  • Robes
  • Wands
  • HP merchandise (books, movies, etc.)
  • Goody bags
  • Ties
  • A little pocket watch
  • A witch/magician hat
  • Food!

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