How to Create a Strong Email Marketing Campaign

A strong email marketing campaign is vital to the success of any online business in the 21st century. Properly executed, an email marketing campaign can reach thousands of potential customers without a significant amount of financial overhead. Learning how to create a strong email marketing campaign involves utilizing detailed knowledge of both your customer base and the product or service you are offering. When done effectively, a solid email campaign can bring a high rate of investment (ROI) on your initial effort.


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    Determine the purpose of your email marketing campaign. Common reasons for undertaking such a project include introducing a new product or service, offering discounts to boost sales or to move excess products, or further constructing your brand and getting your name out to more and more potential buyers.
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    Put together a mailing list of possible customers. Since the foundation of the campaign's success rests on the extent of customers it can reach, this is a key step in how to create a strong email marketing campaign. There are a variety of ways a mailing list can be constructed. To tackle this step yourself, set up an area of your company website where visitors can enter their email addresses to receive special offers, discounts and breaking news. You may also employ a third-party service that sells mailing lists, saving you a lot of time and work for a nominal fee.
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    Decide which of the 2 main types of email marketing campaigns you want to utilize. Promotions and newsletters are the most popular email campaigns. A promotion advertises your product or service and typically involves a special deal or discount to email recipients. Promotions are less frequently sent out than newsletters, which are a regular form of communication that keeps your customer base informed of new products, offers, and company news.
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    Design the components of your email. In learning how to create a strong email marketing campaign, you can use a few different approaches to design. You can present the recipient with a standard-style email that is simple in appearance and form and straightforward in approach. Alternately, you can design a more flashy campaign, using HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or special design software to craft bold styles that can be eye-catching and present your company or service in an unforgettable manner.
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    Draw your customers in from the very beginning. Use a "hook" to appeal to your readers and grab their attention the second they open the email. This might include posing a question, the use of memorable language, the promise of a discount, or the sharing of a powerful story. A hook ensures your customers read the entirety of the email and learn about the offer you are presenting.


  • Be sure to allow your email recipients to opt-out if they so choose. This allows a recipient to decline further email marketing campaign material from your business. It is not a personal attack on your company but a way for a recipient to keep his or her inbox free of promotions and offers that may not be of interest to them.


  • Avoid sending spam to your potential customers. Most email recipients have spam filters in place, so they won't even see your email marketing campaign to begin with. Filters identify spam by detecting the number of recipients of an email, so be sure to send out your email marketing campaign in small batches or to a list of undisclosed recipients.

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