How to Create a Social Committee at Your Workplace

This article explains how to create a social committee at your workplace.


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    Get your team. Tell your management that you want to start a social committee ask if it will be okay to advertise events and meetings in a mutually agreed location. Some employers allow their social committees to meet and organize events during working hours. If they do so, then do not abuse this privilege.
    • Firstly the committee will need members you will need at least a Chair Person, Treasurer and Secretary then an appropriate number of ordinary members.
    • Place sign-up posters to allow your work colleagues to sign-up to be on the committee. Don't forget to leave space to volunteer for the three posts that were mentioned
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    Organize your team. When you have enough names set a date and time for your first meeting.
    • Your First meeting. There is a lot to do at this first meeting so set up an agenda of all the issues that will be discussed during the meeting. This will allow the attendees time to prepare any research or information they would like to discuss at the time of the meeting.
    • Confirm Senior Committee members, as you set it up it is likely you will be asked to be conveyor, however any contested positions should be put to the vote.
    • Set up an account. The committee will usually require some form of bank account, so the next point should be to decide who will be the named holders; this is generally the treasurer and 1 or 2 other members of the committee.
    • Potential incomes, many social committees supplement their activities via various means, some provide pay-per-game pool tables in their staff canteens, others bake sales, at this first meeting the aim is to find out what people think will work at their work and give out assignments where necessary to secure these income sources.
    • Your first event. This is now the fun part, you get to plan and organize your first event, whether its something as simple as a company trip to the park or the dreaded Christmas night out, you can start planning it out.
    • Recap and close, the secretary should now recap everything that has went on during the meeting as well as highlighting the various tasks that have been assigned
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    Follow up your first meeting. After your first meeting, you should give some time to allow people to get the jobs done that they have been assigned, around a fortnight is usually long enough before your second meeting. You have now set up your social committee, congratulations.


  • Don't be surprised if you find that some members are "all talk and no action"; if someone is repeatedly letting down the committee, then you can ask them to leave
  • Conversely, any income should be used to fund events for the whole company, not to finance private events for the committee. A good way to balance this is to use any leftover funds at the Christmas party, including as prizes. Prizes can also be made of any items given to employees during the year that are taken by the company for reasons of fairness; awarding by competition can often be a fairer way to distribute large gifts and donations made to employees during the year.
  • Don't be worried if your first few events are only attended by a few people as word gets out how brilliant they are then people will come
  • Don't be afraid to ask for entrance fees to cover costs; after all, you aren't creating a social committee to pay to take the company out.
  • Don't allow any negative responses to get you down,
  • Don't be upset if 'that weirdo' wants to join. A social committee that incorporates everyone in the company's social needs will find support more forthcoming.

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