How to Create a Signature Look

Everyone has a look. From preppy to goth to athletic, you have a look. If it's layering or something basic, you can make it work. Just follow these steps to get a signature look.If you need ideas for what to make your look, here are some simple ones:

  • Sporty,
  • Artsy,
  • Musical,
  • Floral,
  • Gothic,
  • Emo,
  • Geeky/Nerdy,
  • Bold,
  • Trend-Setter,
  • Flirty,
  • Cute,
  • Eco,
  • Dreamer,
  • Social Butterfly,
  • Daredevil.

There's so much more, yours could be something not on this list, as long as it is 'you' and creative!


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    Figure out what you are. Are you goth? You probably wear a lot of darker make-up and darker clothing. Are you preppy? Three words: Ralph Lauren Polo. Are you athletic? Sweats and a hoodie is the perfect outfit for you. Or are you a girly flirt? You may love skirts, smiles, and flower patterns.Maybe you are a "smart chic", pretty glasses, straight hair, and <3 for dresses!? Whatever you are, no matter how embarrassing you think it is, you can make it work. Read some fashion magazines. Stores like Hollister, Abercrombie, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Wet Seal, Forever 21, and H&M are really in style, although beware of looking like an advertisement. But don't think it has to be limited to those stores. Kohls, JCPenney's, Target, and even Walmart can have some cute clothing and shoes.If you are a little younger, try maybe Justice and even Sears!
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    Be comfortable in your signature look. If you're a bit heavy, don't go for two sizes too small. But if you're skinny, don't go for bigger sizes. If you're a size 5, buy a 6. Clothing can shrink. Also, different brands have different sizes. A size 3 might not fit you in some sizes. Be comfortable with your weight and size.
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    Try Layers! Layering is very popular. Try a tank top under a shirt and then let the bottom of the tank top stick out. Target and Wal-Mart are great for cheap tank tops.
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    Accessorize your outfit! If all you have in your closet is a shirt and some jeans, add some stuff in. A cute belt, some funky earrings, and an awesome necklace are great to make your outfit look perfect.
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    Don't go overboard on your look. Don't wear 10 belts and three necklaces, plus 3 shirts and shorts over jeans. It's too much! Simple and stylish is what you're aiming for.
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    You don't have to fit in. Just because everyone at your school wears t-shirts and jeans, doesn't mean you have to.
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    Get to know your look. If you are into the goth look, get used to what you are wearing. If all else fails, change your look. You can still wear black, but go a bit easier on the make-up.
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    What if you don't have a look? So, you aren't preppy, but you aren't goth. You aren't into athletics, but you aren't a couch potato. That's fine! Wear what you think is cute and like it. Don't take insults personally. The people who insult you are most likely jealous that they don't (or can't!) wear what you're wearing.
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    Remember rules. Wearing a halter top and short-shorts to school might be cute, but isn't allowed. Know what you can wear and create a look off of it. By the way, wearing a white shirt and black bra or white pants and a black thong isn't cool. It's lame.
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    Bra's and underwear do count! Who wants to have ripped, worn panties or ugly, unsupportive bras? You need to know that under all those clothing, you still look good. Have the right size panties and bra so you can be comfortable and look clean, stylish, and appropriate.
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    Be daring and creative. Don't be afraid to mix two or three random colors, or wear a cute tank top with sweats that look good. If you mess up, it's only one day of clothing.


  • Sexy is great, but you can look sexy without being half naked. Different styles can make you sexy and suitable for school.
  • Have enough time in the morning so you can get your look put together and eat, clean yourself, and relax for a while.
  • Nails! Paint them. Black, blue, pink, green, even yellow! Make your nails a part of you.
  • Use your favorite colors or colors that match your personality. That way you can show who you really are. And go light on makeup!
  • Don't forget any part of your body. People tend to forget their feet, hands, and hair. Keep your hair clean and your feet and hands soft.
  • Make up counts! Wear make up that matches your look. But don't put too much on.
  • If your friends say they hate your look, ask them what they don't like. You aren't the only one that sees you in your clothing.
  • If ever in doubt about what you're wearing, call up a friend!
  • Bad hair days, we all have them. You wake up and your hair's a mess. Try a cute hat or a ponytail. Braids are cute, too!


  • Never go overboard. Too much make-up or clothing is a no-no.
  • Make sure you like what you wear, too!
  • do not do pancake makeup.
  • For example don't spend a hundred dollars on Juicy Couture tracksuits if you are gonna be athletic, or on designer clothes if you are preppy. On the same note, don't buy a whole new wardrobe, it will cost you hundreds of dollars even if it's from Walmart or a thrift store, because a whole new wardrobe is a lot of clothes.
  • Don't over spend just on a look, whether you are rich or not.
  • Stay in the rules.

Things You'll Need

  • Cute clothing
  • Tank tops
  • Belts
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Light make-up
  • A trusty friend to help you out and go shopping with you!
  • Fashion magazines
  • Ponytail and hair accessories

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