How to Create a Set in Quizlet

With Quizlet you can make your very own sets of online flashcards. Use these sets in a variety of ways to quiz yourself on any number of topics. Feel free to utilize the millions of sets already produced by other members of the site or to create your own with pictures and words that are specific to your needs. If you want to know how to make your very own set in Quizlet, please, continue reading.


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    Get to and log in to your account. If you don't already have an account make sure to make one or you won't be able to save your set once you make it. To sign up hit the button in the top right-hand corner.
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    Once on the Quizlet homepage hit the big green Make Flashcards button in the middle of the page.
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    Type in a title and subject that correspond to the set you are about to create. If you want other people to use your set create a title with key words that will be helpful when they are searching for the topic. Feel free to add what you like to the description box.
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    Adjust the "visible to" and "editors" tabs. Decide who you would like to be able to use and edit your flashcards. You have to be a member of a group for set to be visible to that certain group.
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    Fill in the appropriate information. There are two sides to every flash card.
    • If you are making foreign language notecards, make sure to choose the correct language for each side of the notecard. This helpful because accents that correspond to the language will appear on the side of your screen to be used if needed.
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    • If you are making flashcards of terms and their definitions you can use the "auto-define" option. When you begin typing a word into the box for the first side of the notecard, an "auto-define" button pops up directly under where you are typing. If you decide to use this feature, it provides definitions for your word from an online dictionary or other users sets. If you like one of the definitions, select it.
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    • If you want to add an image to one side of your flashcards it is very easy to do. Once you click the "add image" button you can either upload an image you already found or search for an image on Flickr through Quizlet. Only problem is if you want to upload your own image you have to be a member of Quizlet Plus and pay $15 a year. But don't fret, using Flickr images is free!
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    Once you have perfected your set, press the "create set" button at the bottom of the page. Give yourself a nice pat on the back. It might have taken a lot longer than you expected, but your Quizlet set is done. Don't worry, you still have plenty of time to study away for that test tomorrow!


  • You don't have to create a real study set. You can also create a set, such as books, movies, television and even more fun things!
  • Use the tab button to move quickly from one box where you are typing text to another.
  • Press Enter if you are finished with the set.
  • After you create a group, click a group button below the category so your set is in that group.
  • Combine sets if you have multiple sets.


  • Don't create a set that is inappropriate; otherwise your account will become banned.

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