How to Create a Secret Society

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Have you ever wanted to be in an exclusive club, but never known of any? Do you wish to be viewed as chic and sophisticated? Start a secret society with your friends!

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Creating Your Own Secret Society

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    Create a secret or a secret mission. A secret society must have something to protect.
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    Read a few clique-like books, like the clique series by Lisi Harrison, for some background information, although, maybe not so mean like they were. Get any number of your friends to read these books. Privately talk with one of your closest friends whom you know will love the idea of starting a secret society.
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    Think of a name. You and your closest friend should discuss what your secret society should be called. Also discuss who you will induct. Remember, even if you have a large group of really good friends, not all of them are secret society material. They won't find out, as it is a secret society.
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    Conduct a proper initiation for you and your closest friend. This should be done before you initiate others. That way, you are sure to come up with a good idea. The initiation is one of the most important parts of the society. It has to be something neither of you would do normally. Candle-lighting sets a serious and official tone, which is always good. Secret names are fun to have.
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    Figure out what your society does. There has to be rules. Set a schedule for fun things you can do, i.e. dressing alike on certain days, or having monthly rituals. Have fun with it. It's all about your creativity. Newsletters are common. It might be fun to post mysterious messages in some part of your school. Everyone sees it, but very few know what it means.
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    Find potential members. Subtly drop something related to your secret in a conversation with a friend to figure out how they feel about it. Make sure there's no possibility they ever betray you, make sure they will be okay with the rules. Don't mention your secret society until you are absolutely sure they can be completely trusted. If they betray you, your secret society is not so secret anymore!
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    Induct your members. Invite your friends to a sleepover and then spring it on them. They will be surprised and excited, and thrilled because they are special.
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    An important thing in secret societies is to meet in secret, that means meeting in a new place every time or having access to a secret room somewhere. You could even figure out a time to chat online.
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    Make a dress code. Most small secret societies use robes while large ones, like the Freemasons, have complex aprons.
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    Keep quiet and have fun. Your friends and you will be even closer than ever.
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    Initiate well to do people in the society. In a school, initiate the most brilliant and enthusiastic students that seem like clique-material, and they will motivate and inspire others. But you don't want to have too many members. The more members, the less secret it is. Five to ten should be good.
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    At first, be friendly, but do not reveal the central secrets of your society. After time passes, slowly begin to unravel secrets to new inductees. After all, you don't want to tell them the secret immediately, because what if they blab it to others? You don't want that.
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    There needs to be a way to get rid of someone if they become bad for the group or start talking—like blabbing the society's secret. If they do, pretend like that was never the secret, but immediately create a new secret. Put this in the rules.


  • Create a secret handshake.
  • A very good place to have your club meetings is in your school's library. Choose a small corner and have your meetings there. Just be sure that you keep quiet so as not to attract attention!
  • Tell this to everyone except the people that you don't trust so that they knew your secret.
  • If any of your friends get mad really often or seem like big-mouths don't tell them.
  • Create secret codes that only you know.
  • You could decide to leave notes in a specific spot somewhere you all go. This is called a dead drop. Good places could be in a never-checked-out book in the library, or under a pencil sharpener. It should be someplace where


  • Delete your history so that nobody finds this web page.
  • If you make the mistake of choosing the wrong people; The popular clique, the jocks, control freaks, those that have a personal agenda like competition and pride, etc., be prepared to deal with people you can't trust. They will use it as a competitive platform, and when they do, you can bet they won't keep their mouths shut.
  • Make sure you stay within the law when carrying out these steps.
  • If you have a newsletter, be careful! People at school or worse might find out!

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