How to Create a Secret Ally in Your Garden

If you have a precious spot in your garden and you would like to create a unique look, you might consider getting a mantis tiller to be able to maintain the flower bed easier. There are different ways of making sure your spot looks immaculate and clean, but using the right gardening equipment will help you get the results you are looking for, and you can be proud of your flowerbeds for a long time. In the below article we are going to review the ways to create secret ally by using the right gardening equipment.


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    Keep it simple. You will not need to be an advanced gardener to create a beautiful spot in your back yard. If you are just starting up gardening, only purchase the necessary gardening equipment: shovels, forks, gloves, kneeling pads and welders. If you are making a flower bed and are planting bushes on the side, ensure that you are using the ones that give you the best appearance and are easy to maintain. If you would like to make your job easier, you can also use a mantis tiller.
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    Plan the flowerbed. You will need to choose the location of the flowerbed. It should not be too sunny, and make sure you do not have to carry the gardening equipment for a long distance every day. If you have a larger garden, your best option is to plan it next to your favorite walking route, or close to the garden bench. Pergolas are able to give you the best atmosphere, and climbing plants do not need much gardening equipment.
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    Separate the parts of the garden. Using a shovel, you should clearly mark the boundaries of every spot of the garden. There are different types of gardening equipment you can use, and when you are preparing the plot, you should use a mantis tiller to make the soil looser, get rid of the weeds and make the water flow deep down the ground.
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    Use shades. Small bushes and shrubs like Adams Needle or Green Mound can be planted once you have worked the ground with the mantis tiller, and evened it with a rake and other gardening equipment. They require loads of water and that is why working the flowerbed and preparing it for the bushes and other plants is essential.
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    Pathway creation. In order to be able to maintain your garden easily, you will need to have a clear entry point. You can place small stones on the plot, or reach in the flower garden or bed from a pathway. Different concrete and stone solutions are available; to make sure you can easily access the spot for your pleasure.
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    Maintenance gardening equipment. Once your plants are in place, you will just have to keep the balance of water and sunshine, set up a weeding schedule and maintain the looks. If you find that some plants are getting too large and preventing others from growing, you will need to buy further gardening equipment, like loppers of bush cutters.


  • Always ensure that you are keeping a tight schedule for watering, weeding and feeding the soil.


  • Check the plants regularly to balance colors and different size flowers.

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