How to Create a Romantic Bedroom

Three Methods:Deciding on Your Bedroom StyleCreating an Appealing BedChanging the Rest of the Room

Creating a romantic bedroom can be as simple or complex as you choose -- from changing a few of the pieces on your wall to a complete remodel with new paint, wallpaper, and furniture. The most important part to all of it, however, is figuring out what you and your partner like and think of as romantic. This is going to be very different depending on the couple. From a relaxed beach-themed room with sand and shell colors to a dramatic room with reds and golds, choose the colors and feel that suit you both and make you feel both passionate and relaxed.

Method 1
Deciding on Your Bedroom Style

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    Look at websites and magazines. People have different ideas about what might be a romantic bedroom. For some people, an uncluttered room with a few choice items and art pieces on the wall is much more appealing than a room with more traditional “romantic” decor like lace, tulle, and muted or pastel colors. If you share your bedroom, consult your partner. It needs to be a place that both of you find romantic and comfortable. Some questions that you and your partner might need to think about before you begin:[1]
    • What is your idea of romantic? Is it overtly sexy, or more cool and understated?
    • Will the room be private, or will people other than you and your partner enter it at times?
    • Do you use your bedroom to work on the computer, watch tv, or other activities that could be done elsewhere?
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    Decide how much work you’re willing to do. Are you going to buy all new furniture and repaint or wallpaper your room? Or are you looking for a few key pieces that will make the room more romantic? Before you begin, you need to create a budget and have an idea of what you are going to accomplish. Again, if you are sharing your bedroom with a partner, consult him or her about your plans.
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    Make a model. If you’re completely redoing the room, consider creating a model of how you want it to look and where furniture is going to be placed. It might be as simple as some sketches and a floorplan on a paper, or you might want to make some computer drawings of your plan. Try a free 3-D sketching program that can give you a complete picture of what your completed room could look like.
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    Choose a color scheme. Even if you’re just thinking in terms of a new comforter set and some new curtains, new colors in your bedroom can significantly help change the feel of any room. Think about what you find romantic -- do you lean more toward muted and pastel colors, or splashes of strong or bold color? Will you be using black or white as a contrasting color? If you’re going to be painting the room, go to the hardware store to check out some paint colors -- this can be a good way to get inspiration. Think about it being first and foremost a place where you will sleep, and choose colors that can help you and your partner be both passionate and relaxed. Some possible combinations might be:[2]
    • Traditional romantic -- pink, white, cream[3]
    • Beach getaway -- sand, turquoise, pink
    • Retro cool -- beige, blue, black
    • Dramatic sexy -- red, gold, black
    • Country house -- lavender, green, white

Method 2
Creating an Appealing Bed

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    Focus on the bed. It is the focal point of the room and should not be overshadowed by other furniture or art pieces. The bed in a romantic bedroom is the ultimate place to express your inner spirits, closeness, and romantic feelings. A neat and well-dressed bed can enhance passion.
    • Try centering the bed on a wall with no doors or windows to make it a focal point.
    • Think about whether you want to place it directly in the center of the room and put a low couch or chest at the end of the bed.
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    Choose your bed frame and mattress. If you’re buying new items, be sure to lie on the mattress before you buy so you can be certain it’s comfortable. If you’re reusing old items, think about how to make your bed frame fit into your new romantic room. Some options for changing your bed frame might be:
    • If it’s wood, refinish in a different varnish or strip the varnish and paint a different color
    • If it’s metal, paint a new color
    • If it’s particleboard, consider some vinyl pieces to attach and create texture and interest.
    • Make a new one out of repurposed boards and paint a romantic message on it.[4]
    • Consider a four-poster bed with a canopy over the top of a fabric that goes with your theme
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    Get romantic bedding. Choosing the best sheets, blankets, and comforters you can is essential for a wonderful bedroom. Think about your color scheme and start looking for bedding. Feel the fabrics -- will they provide the textural feel you want in your bed? Think about what kinds of coverings you want -- whether it will be blankets, a comforter, or a duvet -- and how it might change with the seasons.
    • Do you like the feel of silk or satin sheet? Some people love them, while others find them slippery.
    • Have you tried cotton sheets with a high thread count? These are often chosen by both men and women as some of the most comfortable sheets -- many luxury hotels use them.
    • Do you need a lot of warmth in your blankets or comforters? Or will you be fine with a thin blanket? Think about what you will need year-round.
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    Focus on your pillows. Some people like to have many accent pillows on their bed, while others prefer a more minimal look. At minimum, you’ll need fluffy comfortable pillows for your head (and the head of your partner). If you want accent pillows, think about how many you want, their sizes, and their shapes. Think about buying the pillows to match your bedding -- either to echo the colors or textures you’ve already chosen.[5]

Method 3
Changing the Rest of the Room

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    Work on the walls. To really change the feel of a room, you’re probably going to want to either paint or wallpaper it. If you’re not sure you want to do wallpaper on all of the walls, think about one accent wall with a special wallpaper. Paint and wallpaper are so essential to the way that the room will come together -- you must be very sure about the colors and paper you have chosen.[6]
    • You can create a classically romantic bedroom by including floral patterns or ribbons in the wallpaper and trim.[7]
    • You could create a beach retreat by using relaxing ocean colors. You can even include a mural or large photograph of an ocean scene.[8]
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    Figure out where other items will fit. Decide if your furniture all fits together with your new look and color scheme. Will some of your old furniture need to be refinished or updated? Maybe it just needs to be put into a different location. Don’t clutter up your bedroom with too much furniture. When in doubt, leave it out. Once your furniture is where you want it, you can now place any other items you’ve decided to include in your new revamped romantic bedroom.
    • Be choosy about how much furniture you use in your bedroom. If you do need to include some, consider choosing it all in one style/color to help the room feel put together. If it’s in a variety of colors and styles, think about painting it all one color so that it feels like it goes together. Or if it’s all wood, varnish it all in the same shade.[9]
    • Don’t put too many accessories in your room and take the focus away from the bed. A few focused accessories, such as a rose-embroidered throw pillow or an elegant piece of driftwood, can make a bigger impact than a host of clutter.[10]
    • Try not to include a television or other electronics in your bedroom. Not only do they make it more difficult to sleep, they can severely diminish the romantic nature of the room.
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    Work on lighting. Romantic lighting is one of the most important elements in a bedroom. Think about how to have pleasing lighting -- stay away from strong overhead lights and consider recessed lighting or lamps with shades. If you do use lamps with shades, painting the inside of the lampshades pink can make an extremely pleasing glow. Try some of the following:[11]
    • Lamps with soft lighting and shades in the colors of your bedroom
    • Candles in holders that can provide both romantic lighting and wonderful scents
    • Vases for flowers or other arrangements
    • Photographs of you and your loved one
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    Place wall hangings. Even if you only choose one or two pieces to hang, they can make a huge difference in your room. Think about hangings that can complement your color scheme, but not necessarily mimic it. For a bedroom that really goes together, it’s probably best to choose one organizing principle for the wall hangings. [12] A mirror is also a good option, either without a frame or with a frame in a color that is part of your color scheme. Some other choices might be:[13]
    • Travel posters of places you and your partner have visited
    • Concert posters of sentimental value to you and your partner
    • Photographs (either color or black and white)
    • Abstract art
    • Enlarged handpainted or framed love letter[14]

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