How to Create a Recipe in a Jar Gift

Giving gifts in a jar is a wonderful way of using your culinary know-how to help others who might not have the time or inclination to cook new recipes from scratch. This way, you can provide them with both the recipe and the incentive in the form of the actual ingredients ready to go into the cooking pan without further ado. There are many different possible combinations for filling a gift food jar but this article outlines the basics. It is hoped that this will be built on in future articles to provide suggested individual jar contents and recipes.


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    Decide on your recipe. This is important because it will help to determine the type of gift jar that you will need to use and it will also give you an idea of which ingredients can be placed in the jar. Look for recipes that include a lot of dry ingredient elements, such as beans, lentils, split peas, flour, pasta, etc.
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    Print your recipe. The recipe can be typed or handwritten onto a rectangular piece of quality paper that can be attached or glued to the jar. Be guided by the height and width of the jar that you will be using.
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    Clean your gift jar. After selecting the appropriate jar, ensure that it is cleaned well and dried thoroughly.
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    Measure all the ingredients exactly according to the recipe. You are responsible for making sure that the dried ingredients are accurate when your recipient cook begins cooking! Measuring cups will provide the most precise amounts.
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    Decide how to layer the ingredients for best effect. Before filling the jar, take a look at your ingredients to visualise what will appear the most attractive. Alternatively, you might need to consider the order in which the ingredients are to be added as a guide to putting the ingredients into the jar.
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    Use a funnel. Getting the ingredients into the jar will be easier and neater if you use a funnel to pour them in. If you use measuring cups, you will be able to transfer the ingredients straight from the cup into the funnel.
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    Add the lid. Screw a lid on tightly to keep the food sealed and fresh.
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    Decorate the jar. Once you have completed the filling, it is time to make the jar look attractive and to attach the recipe. Ideas for finishing the jar include:
    • A round of fabric over the lid (jam jar style) tied down with ribbon, string or raffia - attach the recipe to the tie
    • A painted lid if you are artistic - consider gluing the recipe on one side of the jar.
    • A simple look - merely glue on or attach the recipe without any embellishments.
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    Give as a gift. If you make several jars at once, store the others for future gifts; always date them and give away within 6 months of making.


  • Another non-food idea is to make a sewing or craft kit in a jar. You could make a basic sewing kit for a new college student, or put together a selection of small, interesting craft materials related to someone's favorite craft. Of course, something like this could go in another recycled container, as well.
  • This needn't be an idea limited to just food; it can also work really well for bathroom gifts, such as bath salt mixes, bath bomb kits etc.
  • Jars are also a great place for homemade hot cocoa or mocha mixes, mulling spices to add to apple juice for mulled cider, seasoning mixes, homemade granola or trail mix, and so on.
  • You can save cute jars from items you buy (jam, mayonnaise, pasta sauce etc). Some pasta sauce and fruit even comes in mason jars, but save and decorate the lid if you need to. Mason jars are also fairly easy to find at garage sales and thrift stores.
  • Remember that mason jars come in a variety of sizes.
  • If you love jars, try learning to can. Things like jam, pickles, and apple butter make excellent gifts, all on their own.

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