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With digital and mobile technologies making marketing faster and more efficient in virtually every industry, the field of real estate still relies heavily on a printed real estate flyer. This is useful because it introduces the house to potential buyers and it can be distributed when a house is newly listed and not yet promoted online. Agents use them for open houses, or to post with the For Sale sign outside of properties. Create a real estate flyer by including attractive photos, favorable descriptions and major selling points.

Real Estate Flyer

Sample Real Estate Flyer

Sample Real Estate Flyer Template

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    Choose the paper you will use for printing. You will need to know the size and style of your paper in order to create a real estate flyer that fits.
    • Use standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper or 11 x 17 inches, or make a smaller flyer with a 5.5 x 8.5 paper size.
    • Select paper that is at least 60# gloss. This is similar to the cover of a magazine in how it looks and feels. You can use 80# or even 100# if you want a flyer that is glossier or heavier, but those paper types are more expensive.
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    Write an attractive headline. It should share 1 or 2 special details and grab a potential buyer's attention. For example, a headline could read "3 Bedroom Town house with Updated Kitchen in Gated Community."
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    Put a lot of pictures on your flyer. This attracts a reader or potential buyer before the text does. Showing instead of telling is more attention grabbing.
    • Include photos of the inside and outside of the house, as well as pictures of any special details such as a formal dining room, hot tub or updated master bath. Pay attention to staging. For example, place a vase of flowers on the table in a photo, and make sure the pictures show a clean, presentable home.
    • Make the photos extra appealing by including a nice border around each picture and writing a caption for each one. Potential buyers want to know what they are looking at.
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    Keep descriptions and explanations brief and easy to read. Instead of long paragraphs, use short descriptive sentences and bullet points.
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    Use sales-focused language. Remember that you are selling a dream as well as a home with your real estate flyer.
    • Help potential buyers imagine themselves living in that house. Instead of saying "swing set included," try "your kids can safely enjoy the outdoors with a backyard playscape."
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    Include contact information. Make sure your real estate flyer has the agent's name, phone number, email address and website.
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    Leave viewers with a call to action.
    • Invite them to an open house or tell them to schedule a showing today. Share a sense of urgency with potential buyers to drive a quick sale.