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Everyone wants their own site, that friends and family can access from anywhere in the world and leave messages on. One of the best sites to have is a Piczo site, which is free.


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    Sign up to Piczo on, and choose a username and a password. Your password should be something you won't forget, but also something that isn't obvious so people can't guess it. You also need a URL for your Piczo site. Try to keep it as simple as you can, although many of the URL's will already be taken. Keep trying until you find one that isn't.
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    Choose a profile picture and a name. This comes up on comment boards, picture friends lists, in the corner of your site and on your profile page. You might want to use a nickname instead of your real name to be safer, and you don't have to put up a picture of yourself, you could put up a graphic, a picture of a pet or a picture that you like.
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    Make your pages. You will probably want to keep the basic pages such as About Me, Friends, Likes and Dislikes, or you might want to delete them. Add more pages if you want them. If you would like to change the name of your pages, go onto Organizer, find the page and then click Edit to change the name.
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    Decide which colors you are going to use. You could use two or three colors for every page on your site, or have a different color scheme for each page. If you do use two certain colors for your home page, for example, make sure they go together well. This can either mean two colors that will obviously go good together, like black and white, or unusual colors that look good together, such as bright pink and bright turquoise. Keep trying different colors out until you decide on one you like. To change the color of your background on your piczo site, go onto 'Tools' in the top right hand corner, then background, and change the color.
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    Decide what information you are going to include. You might want to read the safety guide for Piczo, which there is a link to on the Piczo homepage. This gives advice on what to put on your website and what not to put. You shouldn't give too much information about yourself away; don't put up your full name, where you live or your contact details.
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    Write about yourself, your friends or any other information you have chosen to include. You should have decided on your content and thought about what's appropriate. Open a text box and type up your writing. Change the font to something that is clear and easy to read, and make sure the colour you choose can be seen easily and is not too bright.
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    Think carefully about the pictures you upload. Ask any friends for their permission if you upload pictures of them to your site, and you might want to enable right click protection on any pictures that you do not want people to save. More details about choosing pictures to upload is on he Piczo safety guide.
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    Upload your chosen pictures. Arrange them either on your home page or on each page you would like them to go on. Keep pictures organized; it is better to space them out than have them overlapping or on top of each other.
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    Make your pages easy to find and get to. You could do this by creating sub pages, which means that when you click on a page, such as About Me, there are other pages to click on, such as 'Information' and 'Pictures'. This is just an example, but it can help to organize your site better than just putting everything on one page.
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    Add shoutboxes, guestbooks or comment boards. A guestbook is ideal for your friends to leave a message, and you could use a shoutbox on your homepage or other pages. If you are worried about who is going to sign your site, put comment boards onto it. This means that only people with a Piczo account can sign your site. Or set the guestbook/shoutbox/comment board so that messages have to be approved before they are put on your site.
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    Use HTML codes on your Piczo site. HTML codes are easy to do and can make cool writing and different coloured writing, which looks attractive.
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    Keep everything organized. If you are going to put music or videos on your site, out them on pages. If you want to display glitter graphics or icons for people to look at, don't have them on your home page. Put them all on a page. This will help people to find things easier on your site and make it less cluttered.
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    Think about how it will look to people. Stay away from moving or bright, glittery backgrounds that make your eyes hurt or make the content hard to read. Also, delete any glitters on your site as they can tend to look quite tacky, depending on how you use them. Your site will look more stylish if you use plain graphics, such as pictures of hearts or flowers if you are a girl. You can find pictures like these by searching on Google for Piczo graphics or finding them on other Piczo websites. Keep the layouts simple though; this means simple colours, simple graphics and simple text. Also, steer clear of graphics/pictures with white backgrounds on coloured backgrounds. It looks really ugly.
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    Add finishing touches. This could be making sure your 'Back' text or house fits in with the colour scheme of your page, moving things around so that they are easier to read, adding a Hit Counter to show how many visits your site gets every day or adding simple graphics to make your site less boring.
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    Make sure your site gets visitors. Invite other people to your friends list so that they will have a link to your site on theirs. You can do this by visiting their Piczo site, and clicking 'Invite As Friend' by their profile picture. If you don't mind who goes on your site, put it in your MSN name or any other chat service you use, if you use one, or tell people about it.
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    Don't tolerate abusive or offensive messages on your site. Tell your parents about it and they can contact Piczo about the abuse via an email address which is on the help feature on the site. Inform Piczo of the IP address of someone who has been sending offensive messages. Then, delete the messages and set your guestbook/shoutbox/comment board so that messages have to be approved first. If you are going to delete the comments, they will be gone forever when you do, so you might want to print out or save a copy of the message for details such as IP address.


  • Remember to keep your password secret; don't even tell your friends. Don't write it somewhere obvious to remember it, either.
  • Make your friends list more interesting by adding a picture friends list. This shows each persons profile picture, and makes it easier to find the site that you want to go on.
  • If you want to, add a rating bar to your site. This is so that people who visit your site can rate it, and you can rate other peoples sites.
  • When signing other peoples site or leaving them messages, be nice and don't post offensive or abusive material. You wouldn't like it if someone posted it on yours!
  • Use the Piczo help toolbar at the top of the homepage when you sign in. It can help you with any problems you might have.
  • You can change your website address by clicking on the 'My Account' tab at the top of the screen and clicking on 'Account Settings' and then 'Website Name' or a name like that.
  • You can have 'Piczo Friends'. This is basically a link to other people or 'friends' sites. You do this by going on the Page Editor, which you are immediately brought to when you log in to Piczo and clicking 'Invite a Friend' on your friend's list or going to My Account and adding a friend there.
  • On Organizer, there is a button on the right hand side that says 'Tell Friends'. This helps you design an email to send to your friends to tell them about your site.
    • If you use sub pages, you can categorize pages better. For example, on your photos page, you could have a sub page called 'My Party' or whatever you want. It helps people to get around your site better and not get frustrated.
  • For cool html codes, graphics and other great things there are tons of Piczos that can help you. *For inspiration, go to the featured piczo sites on the home page, they will be bursting with original ideas and great skill!*If you want your site to be private, put a password on it and only tell friends what it is.


  • If you make your own graphics, make sure you add your name to it so others can't steal it or claim it as theirs.
  • Don't upload animations bigger than 500 x 500 pixels. They won't work and will look ugly.
  • Never put up pictures of your friends without their permission.
  • Never give out too much personal information that someone could track you with.
  • ANYONE can access your site, you can however make it password protected, therefore everyone who goes to your site will have to know the password (different to your log in password) to enter. Go to the Organizer tab and click Password Protected, turn this on and type in whatever yo want your password to be.
  • Don't ignore abusive behaviour on your site, deal with it!
  • Make sure you add HTML codes correctly and get them from good HTML sites. If you use a bad code it can ruin our site and harm your computer!
  • Don't put music on your home page. It can annoy people, especially if they have to keep turning it off. Put music on a specific page, instead of on every single page.
  • Don't put too much glitters or anything else tacky on your site. They will ruin it.
  • Don't sign up if you are under 13.
  • Never tell people you meet online personal details, or meet them on your own. You do not know who they really are.

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