How to Create a Photo Pile Using TurboCollage for Mac

In the age of digital cameras, most of us end up taking hundreds of pictures even on small occasions. It becomes daunting to share these pictures with friends and more often than not even the good ones get lost in the numerous pictures we have. Photo piles are a great way to add multiple pictures from a party, travel trip, or other occasion to a single picture. You can create a single photo pile to represent an occasion and easily share it with your friends.


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    Install TurboCollage on your Mac from TurboCollage Website
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    Open TurboCollage and Add some Pictures.
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    Select "Regular Pile" pattern in Settings.
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    Use File -> Export JPEG menu to save your photo pile as a JPEG image.


  • TurboCollage app is also available on iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Android.

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