How to Create a Logies Themed Party

If you want to hold a logies themed party, be creative. This article will help you plan the most exciting red carpet themed party ever!


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    Make invitations. Make your party invitations in the shape of a cinema ticket. It should include things like the time and date, and also the type of dress. If some of your closest friends are sleeping over afterwards include a special VIP ticket. The VIP ticket should include things like what to bring, and if there is a change of venue.
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    Make decorations. Your decorations should be fun, and should stick to the theme. Include a red carpet. You can either buy one from a party supply shop, or you can make one yourself. To make one, measure the length you want your red carpet to be, and take these measurements to a material shop. Find a material that is not too expensive, but heavy enough not to fly about as your guests walk down the red carpet!
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    Make a fake walk of fame out of cardboard, and put the guests' names on each separate star.
    • To make the walk of fame get a star stencil and trace onto a piece of cardboard.
    • After the cardboard has been cut out around the star, paint it yellow
    • While the paint is still wet, sprinkle it with glitter.
    • Repeat for the other stars.
    • Paste the star onto a square piece of cardboard, and inscribe one of the guests name underneath the star.
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    Make a party bag. Use a spare popcorn bucket as a party bag, and fill with:
    • Bag of popcorn
    • Movie Candy
    • Extra personalized walk of fame stars


  • At the end of the night have a competition for the best dressed person and offer awards. These can be made professionally by a trophy maker, and can include a little plaque to remember the night, or you can also purchase one online, which includes a sticker and a space to write the name of the winner on it.
  • If you planning on having an "after party" which could be a disco or dance, buy a canister of helium and some metallic balloons, or buy some inflated balloons to pick up on the day. Buy enough to fill your entire roof, and make sure you put them in a spot where they are not going to fly away. If you want to go all out, you can hire a DJ for the after party. Usually they come with strobe lights and a smoke machine and some different coloured lights.
  • Play a game of Buzz Hollywood. If you have many people you can split into teams. choose four team leaders or pick the teams out of a hat.
  • Watch a Hollywood movie.
  • Provide buckets of popcorn like at the movies and make sure you have plenty of chairs to sit on.
  • Film a movie during the night, and watch it at the end of the party.

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