How to Create a Homework Work Area in Your Room

An introduction on How-to create your own little Homework work area in your room so as not to be distracted elsewhere, and to motivate you into doing your homework! Its really quick and easy!


  1. Image titled Desk pencil cup chair place for bag Step 1
    Get a desk or table, a chair a pencil cup and make a place for your school bag.
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    Try getting a lamp. Using a strong, mobile source of light, you can see your homework clearer if the room is dim, therefore being able to concentrate more.
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    Hang up additional or other helpful posters. For example, a small child's homework area will have a poster of the times table, or for older people, a poster of a time line for a certain period. Do not hang up posters that provide distractions! Ideal posters are things like quotes or pictures of family,friends or nature. (Please note: Posters of a singer or something similar are made to draw your attention so be careful when using one)
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    Work hard and concentrate. Eat foods with rich sources of energy, vitamins and other healthy sources to keep you going and awake.
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    Put your phone, pager, or Nintendo DS in THE OTHER ROOM. If you have a sibling, ask them to pick up the phone if anyone calls.
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    Or use caller ID and an automated message. Look at the caller ID. If it is one of your friends, send the busy tone and an automated message saying "Hi. You've reached (your name). I'm busy right now so please call in 15 minutes. Thanks. Bye"
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  • Asking your parents for help is a "last resort" option. If you cannot understand what a word means, look up in the dictionary, or the greatest source for information of all; the internet.
  • Add detail, and presentation. If your actual work isn't that good, presentation can distract the reader improving your work, but if both presentation and work is good, you can achieve very high marks and respect from teachers, as adding presentation always shows that you tried to make an effort.
  • If music helps motivate you, try to avoid songs with words as this can distract you and you might start singing!
  • If you do look on the internet for additional help and guidance in your work, remember to Google it!
  • Eat a few healthy fruits before beginning. This will keep you awake, therefore enhancing your concentration and willingness to learn.
  • When you take a break, do not use electronics. You risk losing yourself in the Internet.
  • If you have things on your mind, write them down so you clear up your mind and are more prepared to study
  • Chewing gum and enjoying scented candles or air freshener, and a comfortable chair can all help you remain focused while doing schoolwork.


  • Get rid of all distractions. If listening to music, or things like watching TV at the same time distracts you, get rid of it. Turn it off! Distractions can only lead to carelessness in work!

Things You'll Need

  • Table or Desk
  • Chair
  • Lamp
  • Computer
  • Internet - to study only!! Avoid non-work sites or games!!
  • Dictionary
  • Willingness to learn and concentrate

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