How to Create a Homeschool Network from Scratch

When you start homeschooling and your young child's friends are going to be attending school, or you are pulling your child out of school and need to find new homeschooling friends, don't panic. If you cannot find a local network, organize your own.


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    Decide what kind of network or support group you'd like to be part of. Is it secular? Is it religious (if so, would it be one denomination or would all be invited)? Is there a special focus (for example, if you have a child with special needs)? Does it meet regularly? Are there dues? Do members meet through the network but then form their own smaller groups on their own?
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    Come up with a name for your new group, and create a flier to post at the library, post office, grocery store, book store, teacher and art supply stores, gymnastics center, etc. Basically, you want your flier to be posted wherever people take their kids.
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    In your flier, you want to state the purpose of your new group. For example reasons could be to meet new homeschoolers, go on field trips together, meet for sports or board games, meet at the playground, or discuss homeschool issues in your area. You want to be clear about the nature of your group.
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    Create an easy way for people to get in touch, such as an email list or Yahoo! group. Make sure that information is on the flier, with tear-off tabs. If you feel comfortable with adding your name and phone number, that works, too.
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    Pick a date, time and place to meet. If you already go to a certain playground regularly, put that on the flier, and be there when you say you will. People who've seen your flier will start to show up. At first there might be nobody, then one or two families may show up. Soon your group will pick up momentum and really start to grow.
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    Once you have several members, it would be a good time to plan a group event, such as a field trip to a local attraction, or a picnic or potluck dinner with games for the kids. Word of mouth will spread, and you'll be meeting more and more families in no time.


  • Join your statewide homeschool email list and any regional ones you can find, and let everyone know about your new group, but be specific about your location.
  • If you have a statewide homeschool organization, find out if you can list your new group with them through their website or newsletter.
  • Some libraries will keep your group's information on file at the information desk, or even on their website. Homeschoolers love libraries, so this will be the best place to have your group listed.
  • As families join your group, ask them to help put up fliers wherever they go.
  • Find out which homeschool websites list local support groups by state and send in your information. Some are listed below to get you started.
  • You might see if your local city/county Chamber of Commerce or visitors' site will list your group. Also try your local public school district website, as well as local parenting resource sites' and TV stations' community links web page.

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