How to Create a Green Video Invitation

With video taking over the Internet world, why not use it as an invitation medium? Create a short, personal, and emotional video, and send it via the web. Don't waste paper and envelopes, send a green invitation.


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    Start with a script. Make it as short as possible and not too complicated. If you have a script you won't have to worry about remembering what to say and you should be able to focus on the performance. You should try to follow the script but also leave room for spontaneous moments. Work in feeling and a sense of importance or excitement into your article to catch the watcher right from the start and keep them interested throughout.
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    Do your best when recording your invitation. The better your script and filming, the less time you spend on editing. Focus on delivering the speech straight to the camera and never second guessing yourself. If you want, practice without the camera on a couple of times to be sure that you efficiently deliver the speech.
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    Practice good video etiquette. Try to avoid leaning over, fixing your hair, stuttering or fixing your clothes. Distracting movements will only inhibit you from doing your best. If you need any props, keep them on a small table to the side of you so that it is not visible to the camera. Try not to say things like "um" or "and" over and over. If you want you can put a full length mirror behind the camera so that you can see yourself and watch the way you move, but be sure not to use this as an excuse to fix your clothes or hair and be careful to look at the camera instead of the mirror the majority of the time.
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    Keep it quiet except for you in the video. If you're doing this outside, at home or anywhere else where there might be people or noises try your best to cut down on extra noise during the filming. Let people know that you're going to be filming and you need it to be as quiet as possible. If you have animals try to keep them out of the frame and preferably in a different room.
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    Maintain eye contact with the camera. This is the most important step. Make sure that you are not distracted or tempted to look away from the camera at all. Videos in which people don't maintain eye contact are never as effective or nice to watch as videos where the person does. You'll probably feel a little silly talking to a camera, so take a deep breath and treat it just like you're having a normal conversation with someone. If it helps to envision someone you like to talk to as the camera than do that, whatever works you should do.
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    Don't overanalyze your actions. You are your worst enemy, so try not to worry too much about everything you do. Have fun and let go. If you make a mistake don't let it show and no one will ever notice, so go on as if nothing happened and have fun with it.
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    Editing could be a complicated process so try to use simple tools (unless you are a pro), and you'll probably have a lot of fun. If you need help don't be afraid to ask! You can also find good instructions for video editing if you do a google search or a wikiHow search. It doesn't have to be perfect and if this is your first time creating a video don't worry too much about the editing.
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    Embed the video on video sharing websites such as Youtube or attach it as an attachment (if you've exported it into a .wmv format). Send it in an e-mail to your friends and family or keep a copy on a CD or thumb drive to show to people if you want to.


  • Use a tripod!


  • It will take you more time than you estimate.

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