How to Create a Gothic Graveyard Garden

Tired of big yellow sunflowers? Are white daisies too cutesy for you? If so, come along to a slightly darker part of the garden...


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    Plan out your garden. First decide the planting area - it should be a nice, sunny area, but one that also gets a good amount of shade. Build a raised bed out of something slightly eerie, like inexpensive tombstone bricks or, for a splurge, aged stone.
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    Decide on your Gothic plants. The 3 main categories are magic herbs associated with magick, poison and medicine, like opium poppies or mandrake, plants that bloom at night, like moonflower and nicotiana, and of course, plants with black flowers or foliage, like hollyhock or penny black nemohilias. And every Gothic gardener needs some dark roses, too.
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    Order the seeds, as most are very hard to find at garden stores, and build the bed(s). Put in a nice mix of topsoil, compost, and potting soil, and plant your seeds.
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    Get some statuary that compliments your new garden, particularly gargoyles, skulls, wrought iron trellises - the possibilities are endless!
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    Keep your garden well watered and fertilized and you will be rewarded by a lovely and unusual place to enjoy, ponder the meaning of life, read a good book, or just sit and take in all the dark beauty of the garden.


  • Pick a theme for your garden for added interest. Research folklore on some herbs and flowers and decide what you like. You could grow a vampire slayer's garden with things like monkshood and garlic, a witch's garden with things like belladonna and mandrake, or even a gothic vegetable garden. (Black veggies are rare, but they do exist.)
  • While a truly black rose is impossible to breed, several dark burgundy roses exist, including Ink Spots, Black Lady, and Baccara. You can also dye roses black.
  • A good website for unusual and Gothic seeds is It has some very nice pre-selected collections of Gothic plants and herbs. They also list the magick associations with each plant.
  • A great plant for the edges of your garden is black mondo grass.


  • Even though this is a "graveyard garden" don't bury dead pets in there, you might be tilling the soil one season and find Fluffy's dead carcass covered in maggots, and no one wants that.
  • If you are planning on growing opium poppies, absolutely DO NOT try to harvest the opium from them! Opium is illegal in most countries, it is addictive, and it is harmful to your health.

Things You'll Need

  • Bricks, stone, urns...
  • Gothic plant seeds
  • Gothic garden statuary
  • Space
  • Time

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