How to Create a Fitness Marketing Plan (Personal Trainers)

Marketing is a big part of any business so it’s important for personal trainers to have a good fitness marketing system in place, especially if they want to expand or increase their profits. This article will show personal trainers how to create a fitness marketing plan.


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    Figure out your fitness marketing budget. To do this, look at how much you charge an average client and how long they usually stay with you. Then, break down how much their contract brings in. For example, if you typically charge clients around $200 per month for unlimited training sessions or 4/week (whatever your program is) and they stay with you for 10-12 months, then overall their contract brings in around $2,000-$24,000. Of course, you have to account for overhead which will leave you with about 60% of that, but now it makes sense to budget a month’s worth of payment for marketing, making it about $200 to sign on a new client.
    • Also, if you’re good at what you do, then there’s a big chance that your new client will refer at least one person to you during their contract. So, that’s two clients for every $200 you’re willing to spend.
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    Figure out your target market. Your marketing should be laser focused on the people you want to market to, not just blindly marketing to everyone. To figure out your target market, think about what your strengths are as a personal trainer. Are you really good at helping people to lose weight? Or are you the best at helping people tone up and build muscle? Or do you specialize in something else altogether? Think of what it is you’re best at and try to think of the people who would benefit most from your services. That way you are speaking to your audience directly, thus making your marketing much more compelling.
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    Create a personal trainer marketing plan. This plan will outline what it is you want to accomplish through marketing and what you need to do to meet that goal. The typical marketing plan includes a budget, goals to meet, and strategies to help you accomplish those goals.
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    Update your business’ daily operations to include marketing. Because marketing is so important when it comes to growing your personal training business, updating your business’ daily operations to include marketing is a vital step to building a successful business. Make a marketing routine and schedule time to get some marketing work done daily.
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    Make sure to market online as well as offline. Most people still like to market the old fashioned way like through billboards, postcards, and banners, but a lot of us seem to forget about the world wide web. Diversifying your fitness marketing strategy is an excellent way to make sure that you’re getting the best of both worlds. Use social media sites like Facebook and Google+ to generate leads and interest from the people in your area. Traditional marketing can get expensive too, so by supplementing your offline marketing with some online tactics you are sure to make more of an impact without spend too much.


  • Make sure that when you do sign on a new client that your services are exciting and unique so you can retain them for a longer period. It costs more to sign on new clients than it does to retain them so make sure that once you do sign on someone new they stay.
  • Track your progress. Remember to make note of what fitness marketing strategies work and which one don't and record your findings in your marketing plan. That way you are sure to not use a method that doesn't work.

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