How to Create a Festive Holiday Wreath

Festive looking wreaths are great anytime, but they're especially wonderful around the Christmas holidays.


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    Lay old newspapers down to put the wreath on, in a well lit up work area. Plug in the glue gun or have glue squares heating on a low setting on the stove and lay spoon out. Lay all the pine cones, in different sizes, near the work area. Have the nuts in a bowl near-by. Cut ribbon and prepare your bow ahead, nothing too big works best.
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    Place the wreath on the newspaper. Then begin applying the glue, a sparing amount at a time; to the center of the wreath, work in a small area at a time. Place one pine cone at a time on the wreath, hold in place for at least a (1-2) minutes, and continue on with this same procedure...until the center is lined with pine cones. Since pine cones come in all shapes and sizes, use your own judgment how that they best be arranged...simply follow a pattern...go with the grain, so to speak.
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    Make sure the center is finished and the pine cones are secured, you're ready to work on the top section of the wreath. Work on the outside of the wreath, again follow the same rules as previously There are no pine cones applied to the back of the wreath. Glue and space out each of the nuts. Use walnuts only or add almonds tossing in some acorns.Add the ribbon to the top in the center and on the face of the wreath.
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    Add several pieces of the artificial holiday plants and glue on one piece at a time by adding a few pieces at the top only, or space out all over. The artificial Holly and the Poinsettias can be used together or individually. Do not to add too many because you want all your wreath's beauty to shine through, such as the pine cones and nuts.


  • Make sure that if you are giving this wreath as a gift to pick up a special card. All your thoughts and efforts will, surely, be appreciated.
  • Really nice ribbon can be bought at any Arts and Craft store or fabric shop.
  • Give your wreath a little special touch, use a small amount of Elmer's school glue,in different areas and sprinkle a little white, silver, or gold glitter.
  • Get great deals on artificial plants at either Target department store, or a Family dollar store.
  • If the wreath you bought does not have a wire hanger , you'll need to make one. Use an old wire hanger and a pair of pliers to cut the wire, or thick twine. It is important that if you are using twine to secure it and leave a loop to easily slip over a nail. If using wire run it through the back of the wreath to hide it away, try to keep it small.
  • The best place to find nice pine cones is at a local park that have pine trees or buy pine cones. Acorns can be found anywhere where there is a great oak tree.


  • Be careful while using hot glue. You may want to wear gloves, especially, if melting glue in a skillet.
  • Be sure to use an old skillet and spoon so you can toss it out after you are finished.

Things You'll Need

  • Woven wreath, medium to large size
  • Hot glue gun or crafty glue squares
  • Spoon for skillet
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Walnuts, almonds, unshelled
  • Acorns
  • Pine cones
  • Artificial holly or poinsettias are optional

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