How to Create a Dream Garden

Planting a dream garden can be challenging, but rewarding. Read on to find out how you can reap the benefits from growing flowers to harvesting your own food.


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    Decide what the purpose of your garden will be. Are you going to plant vegetables to eat, or will you plant flowers? Maybe you want to plant both. Make sure that you have this in order before you start anything.
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    Think about where your garden will be. Now that you know what you want to plant, you need to decide where your garden will reside. Think about how much sunlight the certain area of your yard will get, and if it fills up with water when it rains, like a basin. Depending on the contents of your garden, you will need to conduct some research to find out exactly how much sunlight and water a specific plant needs. Remember, all plants are different. Some require certain amounts of sunlight and water, and it is vital that you are aware of this.
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    Make a map of your garden. Now that you know what you are planting and you have a rough idea of where each of your plants are going to live, you need to get it straight in your head for less confusion later. Take the size of your available space and the size of the plot of land that should be devoted to a certain plant into consideration.
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    Do more research. Find out exactly how much water a plant needs. You may need to water plants at different times of the day in order to give each plant the attention it needs and deserves. Make sure you record this for future knowledge.
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    Buy the seeds and pots. Carefully plant each seed in a terra cotta pot with potting soil, and the correct amount of water if the plant’s growth calls for it.
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    Care for the young plants. Make sure they are exposed to enough sunlight and water. It may take a while for the plants to sprout, but you can’t rush it.
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    When they are too big for the pot, transfer the plants into their designated spots outside. Transferring a plant can be dangerous for the plant’s life, but if you do it right, then the plant will grow to be healthy and strong in your garden.
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    If you are growing food, wait until the plants are at their peak of perfection, then harvest them. Use them as ingredients for salads and sauces, give them as gifts to neighbors and family, or steam them and coat them in butter. If you followed these steps correctly, you will have delicious vegetables for your table.
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    Care for your garden until the end of the season. Hopefully, they will grow back the next year for another spring and summer.


  • If you live in an area with lots of wildlife, fence in your garden to protect it from hungry animals.
  • If you have a good growing year, share your abundant harvest! Offer your vegetables and fruits as gifts for your loved ones. They will be very appreciative. Everyone loves free food!

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