How to Create a Distance Learning Group Using TeamLab

Nowadays, the distance no longer prevents people from achieving their goals. This applies also to learning and training. Today the distance learning is not a rarity. However, many teachers still face the problem of the effective organization of the educational process in such a form of learning . The most rational way out of this difficult situation is the creation of an online tool for communication between teachers and students. One of these tools can be an Internet portal created especially for a distance learning group.


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    Create a TeamLab portal. Create a portal for your distance learning group using the free web-based collaboration platform TeamLab. Fill in the fields on TeamLab home page providing the details you are asked: your name, contact email and the wished portal name. By clicking “Create Portal Now” your corporate portal will be created. The login details will be sent to the provided contact e-mail.
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    Invite your students. Add/invite your students clicking on the "Add Employees" button on the created portal and filling in their contact details. Inform the students about your new TeamLab portal by sending invitation messages to their emails. The invitation message contains the link to the portal start page where the person can enter a password and confirm it in order to sign in. The portal member will be added to the list only after he follows the link and enters the portal.
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    Set the learning tasks for the students:
    • Create a Project on your online portal. It helps you to coordinate the current step of the learning process. It is possible with the TeamLab Project Management Tool. You can create and manage projects for all students in the group or private projects for every student in order to preserve the confidentiality (The private project will be available only for you and the student with the corresponding access rights. So you should add the student to the project team and provide it with the appropriate rights for accessing the project).
    • Set milestones. Create a schedule for the learning process setting milestones. You can set the due date for every milestone. It means, that all the students need to perform all the tasks they have under this milestone till this date.
    • Set Tasks for each student. You can attach all the documentation the student may need for performing the task (texts, exercises etc.) to the created task.
    • Share the necessary documentation. Upload textbooks, exercise books etc. to the “Documents” module. You can allocate permissions to the documents you created to a separate learning group member or a group of students selecting from three modes: full access, deny access and read only.
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    Monitor the completed tasks. It is very easy, because you will get notification letters, when the task status is updated by a student. Make corrections adding comments to the task.
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    Share some instructions and tips as well the important information regarding the learning process via your personal blog. Use various text formatting features as well the options for inserting images and videos to your posts, attach necessary documentation in order to present the information more clearly.
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