How to Create a Dinosaur Theme Garden

There is nothing quite like the joy of doing a fun yard project that will delight the neighborhood kids, but it does have its drawbacks, such as the parents getting the children to go home, or having to pull them away from your fence. Nevertheless, it is neat watching them admire your version of a small Jurassic Park.


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    Get some dinosaur toys. Look for several different kinds of inexpensive dinosaurs that can be purchased straight from the toy sections of any retail store or dollar store. Select models that are fairly large and are made of hard plastic so that they will withstand the weather.
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    Find some "ancient" looking plant life. Try ferns, cycad, tree ferns and palm trees. There may be some growing in your yard already! Some of these plants can be quite expensive, so explore your local nursery for some interesting or prehistoric looking plants.
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    Remove the weeds. In the front section of the yard to a far corner, you'll need to use the (large) garden rake or hand held one, to remove weeds; they can be pulled by hand, or use small shovel. Be sure to wear gloves.
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    Lay plastic or paper. Once the area is cleared out and weed free, put down the plastic to keep new weeds from coming up. Once the soil is poured over the top of plastic, it will secure it in place. Another option is paper, such as newspaper or Kraft brown paper, which will biodegrade.
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    Spread soil (if necessary). Pour the soil on top of the plastic or paper and spread the first bag out evenly; from that time on, you'll be creating a mound. This is an excellent area for a "centerpiece" plant, such as aloe or a large fern.
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    Surround the mound with rocks and spread them so that they look right to you. Rocks make wonderful places for T-Rexes to stalk prey.
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    Water the soil. Get the hose and turn it on to a fine spray or mist, and soak the soil, getting all the air out.
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    Add the dinosaurs to your small Jurassic Park; start by placing them around the hilly area of the mound and then spread them out. However, if you have young friends, they will gleefully stomp them around your dinosaur garden!


  • When you are near a river, search for some river rocks to bring home to accent your Jurassic Park, or buy some river rocks.
  • Attracting live lizards to your garden can also help.
  • In order to help keep the grass and weeds from growing up over your white rocks (pour some white vinegar) around the edges; it does work to kill it off, but keep the vinegar away from your plants for it will harm them too.
  • Be sure that among your dinosaurs that you have bought at least (one or two) of the T-Rex Dinosaurs. The Park wouldn't be the same without one.
  • You can add a couple of (alligators and crocodiles) to the outer edge of your Jurassic Park, to give it that island appeal.
  • This is a terrific activity for young children--get them involved!
  • In dry climates, consider plants that thrive in your climate. It will look just as good, and be less work to maintain.
  • If you could find a "King Kong" gorilla and have him appearing to be coming off the hill, it would really accent the look.
  • There are several (large) plastic insects that adds to this look, such as a beetle, bug or giant ants. They can be purchased from a dollar store.


  • Children playing with plastic dinosaurs are not the most careful gardeners, so your plants might get a bit damaged. If you're the kind of horticulturalist who gets upset at this sort of thing, this may not be the activity for you.
  • Now be careful, for some kids may take the dinosaurs, especially, if they can be dragged from underneath the fence; this does happen, so expect a few losses.

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