How to Create a Bridal Registry List

Learning how to create a bridal registry list is an essential part of the marriage process. Wedding guests, and even some individuals who were not invited to the wedding, will want to get you a gift to offer their congratulations on your new life together. Rather than people picking out something that is their taste, give them a list of exactly what you'd like to have in your home.


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    Take inventory of your stuff.
    • Remember that your fiancĂ© will also be bringing a houseful of stuff to the relationship, so it is important to include him in this step.
    • Go through your things room by room and assess what is missing, what you would like to have replaced and what you would like to have upgraded.
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    Keep a running list. Even after you have taken inventory of your combined possessions it is inevitable that you will think of, or see, something that you would like to add to your list.
    • Keep the list somewhere accessible to the both of you so it remains a joint effort.
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    Choose a store that most suits your style as a couple. Don't feel obligated to register where everyone else has registered just because it is a popular choice. You may even choose more than one store to accommodate all of the items you have chosen.
    • Choose a national chain to make it easy for your guests to buy you a gift off of your wedding registry.
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    Go to the store to register for the items rather than registering online. Being able to see the items in person will allow you to make better choices. Once you have chosen the items for your bridal registry in the store you can always manage your list online after you feel your list is mostly complete.
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    Remember to include items in every price range. It is likely that your guest list will include people of all stages of life and financial status. Be sure that your bridal registry has items that appeal to all of these groups of people.
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    Ask for help. Most national chain stores have employees that are specifically trained to help you design the perfect registry list. Don't be afraid to ask their opinion if you need to. Don't be afraid to disagree with them either. If they say you need 10 place settings and you really can't imagine having more than 8, then go with your gut and stick with 8.
    • Ask a friend or two that has already been through the process for advice.
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    Browse registries of other current or past brides. Most wedding registries stay posted online up to a year after the wedding date. Take a peek at other's lists to check for anything you may have missed.


  • Don't register for something just to add items to the list. Save yourself the trouble of having to return gifts after the wedding, because you added things to the list that you didn't truly want or need.
  • Take into consideration your guest list. If you have invited a large number of people to the wedding, the bridal registry should be able to accommodate all of them. Don't forget about bridal showers and other events leading up to the wedding for which guests will want to purchase gifts. You can never have too many things on your registry so don't feel bad if it looks like a lot of stuff.

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