How to Create a Beautiful Name for a Company

Naming your new company might have you a little stressed - or a lot stressed. You want the name of your company to come off as beautiful, whether it's based on your own preference, the business's image, or a need to stand out. But how does one do that? This article will show you.


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    Think about association. Certain words are associated with beautiful things; including something (or someone) lovely in your business's name will immediately put an image of beauty in a customer's mind. Here are some examples:
    • You could include "Audrey" in the name of your business as a reference to Audrey Hepburn, or "Marilyn" as a reference to Marilyn Monroe. The name of a beautiful and well-known person could be part of your company name. Ancient goddesses and legendary beauties, such as Helen of Troy, could also lend you inspiration.
    • Roses, lilies, lilacs, begonias - flowers are some of nature's most lovely creations. You could name your business after a flower.
    • Gemstones, such as sapphires, emeralds, and pearls, are also beautiful. They're especially good if you want to make your company sound cool as well as beautiful.
    • Nature in general is a good place to look for beauty.
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    Consider linguistics. Some words sound lovely, even if their definition is something like "chair" or "small fish." The sound of them is appealing in and of itself. Here are some examples of beautiful linguistic sounds to help you choose a word or even invent your own.
    • B. The letter B followed by a vowel often creates a beautiful sound (look at the word beautiful itself). Examples: Bohemian, balalaika, bungalow.
    • L and R. Think of murmur, cerulean, lilt, and rococo.
    • Long vowels. Consider the words free, rhapsody, demure, and delight. Each has a long vowel sound.
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    Look to foreign languages. Many foreign languages have lovely-sounding words. Try the Romantic languages (French, Spanish, Italian), Japanese, or German, for instance. Look at a dictionary of your language of choice to get ideas. A translation of one of the inherently beautiful words above (roses, sapphires, etc.) could make your business's name doubly beautiful.
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    Ask for feedback. Talk to friends, family, or people of your company's target market and ask them what they think. This could be a way to narrow down candidate names or confirm that your final choice is a solid one.


  • Try to make your company's name related to you personally. Maybe your birthstone, your mother's maiden name, or your favorite city could give you a basis for the company name.

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