How to Create a Beach Themed Bedroom

Your bedroom is a place to get away and relax, right? So you need a calming beach themed room!


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    Paint the walls a pale blue, purple, or white. You can also do a blend of these colors, like blue and white or purple and blue. Make sure you're satisfied with your color choices. You can buy paint samples if you like, to get a true feel for your new room.
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    Try using white furniture. White furniture screams sunny day, white sand, and rolling waves. After you get all your white furniture, try adding one or two pieces of light wooden furniture, like a wooden TV stand or shelves. Make sure there is only one or two pieces of wooden furniture though.
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    Put your bed under or near your window. Try a daybed or canopy for your bed with either flowered or white, lacy bedding. Have accent pillows, too.
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    Get beachy wall decals. See that empty space on the wall by your dresser? Make it prettier by adding a cool accent flower or stick on an umbrella!
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    Have good lighting in your beach room. Go for white light-not yellow! White light is like the color of sunlight. Yellow makes most furniture and stuff look dingy or dirty. Try bubbly floor lamps, ceiling fans, or maybe even string Christmas lights in your bedroom for a great look!
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    Purchase some accessories. Scatter seashells on your nightstand and desk. Get a cool pink lava lamp, too. Try a glass bowl with sand and stones in it. Buy some electric tea lights and line them up on shelves or by your bed. To really make this room seem like the beach, get a fishtank or fishbowl with fish! Maybe a gecko or a frog if you like, too. Add flowers and other live plants to your room.
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    Dress up your window(s) with curtains or blinds! Even though you have a beach room, you'll want something to cover your windows at night and when you aren't home. When you are though, let that natural white sunlight in!


  • You can paint old furniture so you don't have to buy anything new.
  • You don't have to get the cool accessories. It just adds a cute touch.
  • Take out anything in your room that doesn't match the theme.
  • You could go for the daybed effect by purchasing a king headboard and attaching it to the long side of your twin bed. Just make sure it matches the color scheme!
  • You can go online and purchase a beach background mural for your wall if you want to go all out!


  • Budget out your new bedroom. Many items are very pricey and you may have to save before your dream room can come true.
  • Make sure to have somebody help you when you are moving furniture.

Things You'll Need

  • Time
  • Some money
  • A friend

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