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Three Parts:Taking the Necessary PrecautionsGetting into the PartyBlending In

There are lots of parties and events happening every night, don’t let the fact that you haven’t been officially invited stop you from joining in. Crashing a party can be a real rush and a great way to meet new people. Provided you’re a well-behaved guest, you can add a lot to the party atmosphere. The following steps tell you how to crash a party and have fun doing it!

Part 1
Taking the Necessary Precautions

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    Dress the part. At a bare minimum you should make yourself clean and presentable. The next step is to wear the appropriate party attire, so that you look the part and don't draw attention to yourself. Everyone appreciates a well-dressed party guest, but appropriate attire will depend on the type of party you are trying to crash.
    • If it’s a house party, go for smart casual.
    • If it’s a formal event, black tie is appropriate. A dark suit for men and dress for women. Black is always a good look and will help you to blend in.[1]
    • If it’s a fancy dress party, you’ll want to figure out the theme and try to wear an acceptable costume.
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    Get something to bring along. Alcohol is always appreciated at a house party, and a bottle of wine is a standard choice. Bringing something to offer around will ensure that you are a welcome addition to the party.
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    Do some research. It's a good idea to find out what kind of party you are trying to crash. For example, is it a formal event? Is it a birthday party?
    • Ask other guests about the event, particularly those standing around and chatting outside the venue.
    • Pay attention to the decor as this can give you vital clues. Are there any signs giving information about the event? Or balloons and a birthday cake?

Part 2
Getting into the Party

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    Project confidence. This is key to getting into the party, you have to act as if you belong there. If you have nerves about getting in, do your best to hide them. Appearing hesitant can mark you out as a crasher.[2] Walk in with confident body language and a smile.
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    Watch your timing. You want to arrive at the party when it’s in full swing. Don’t go too early or too late as things are winding down. Arriving at the peak of the party means you are less likely to be noticed as an uninvited guest.[3]
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    Tag onto a big group. This can be a useful way of getting inside the party. Join a big group as the enter and you might be able to slip in without attracting attention.[4]
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    Look for another entrance. This is particularly useful if you are trying to crash a more formal party or an organized event.
    • Try the back door, which may not be manned by security or the person with the guest list.
    • You may have to go through the kitchen, so make sure you are polite to the kitchen staff but don't linger, walk through quickly and with purpose.
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    Get a badge. Some parties, like those held at conferences or business events, require all guests to wear badges. Here are a few ways you can get hold of a badge.
    • Ask a friend if you can borrow their badge. If you already know someone attending, this is a great way to get in. Even better, make a new friend and they may give you theirs!
    • Ask someone who is leaving to give you their badge. Don't begin by asking for their badge, engage them in conversation first. Perhaps start by asking if they enjoyed the event. Eventually, work your way up to asking if they would give you their badge, you can say you misplaced your own.[5]
    • Check the trash can. Often as people leave events they throw away their badge. Look in the floor, and, if you are really keen, the trash can, for any discarded badges.
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    Make an effort to learn names. This applies particularly to house parties. If there is a crowd gathered outside, strike up a conversation with the friendliest looking person and ask them how they know the host. Once you know the host’s name you can use this to get into the party.

Part 3
Blending In

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    Exercise good manners at all times. Be mindful that you are an uninvited guest, possibly in someone's home, so show respect to the host and don’t be obnoxious to other guests.
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    Don’t get too drunk. No one wants to look after a messy drunk. Drink responsibly and stop drinking or leave when you feel like you have had too much. Make sure you get home safely. Don’t drive and don't allow your friends to drive home drunk, call a cab if necessary.
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    Make friends. Once you’re inside the party, don’t just be a wallflower. Try to make friends and strike up conversations with other guests.
    • If you see a group of interesting looking people, go up to them and introduce yourself.
    • Don’t be obnoxious and interrupt. Wait for the most opportune moment in the conversation to say your piece.
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    Don't get caught. If you follow all of the steps outlined above, you should have a good chance of enjoying the party without being caught out. However, if you are caught out, it might be time to confess your true identity. If you've been a charming guest who has contributed to the party atmosphere, it's unlikely you'll be asked to leave.
    • Express your gratitude, remark on the excellent party the host has put on and tell them how much you are enjoying yourself.
    • Remember, if the host tells you to leave, then it's time to leave.
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    Offer to return the favor. Ideally you will have a wonderful night of party-crashing and you'll make many new friends. Get their contact details and return the favor by organizing your own party and inviting all the new people you've met.


  • Be open-minded. If you get to the party, and it doesn't look as fun as you thought it would be, stay for awhile anyway! You may make a great contact, or new friends.
  • Don't be a snob. You, after-all, are the one who crashed the party.


  • Never leave your drink unattended, or accept a drink or beverage brought to you. Always prepare your own or watch the bartender make yours.

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