How to Cosplay As Wednesday Addams

Do you have a macabre sense of humor that you want to take to the next level? Bored of leaving your long, dark hair down? Want to freak out your teachers and alienate annoying Girl Scouts? Then you'd fit right in with the Addams family. If you need a little help getting your death groove on, follow these easy steps to find your inner little homicidal maniac like Wednesday herself!


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    Find dark, old fashioned clothes - preferably black with high collars. Wednesday normally wears simple clothing in dark colors. However, don't be too sexy, as Wednesday's a minor. Use minimal lace but if you don't have the dress, then wear simple but dark clothes. Be subtle.
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    Dye your hair dark brown if it is light. Braid your hair into two, skinny braids if you have long hair. However, note that the braids should hang down, not stick out. You don't want to look like Pippi Longstocking.
    • While black may look more like the original Wednesday, it takes a while to come out, and you may look silly with black hair and blonde roots be careful about dying your hair.
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    While long hair is preferable, short hair can be used as well and look just as good. In the musical, Wednesday also cuts her hair short. Don't worry about it. If you're really into details, you can purchase a wig.
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    Take good care of your skin. Wednesday's face appears flawless, and you'll want to maintain the complexion of a young girl. If you have a perfect face, keep cleaning it on a daily basis to prevent breakouts. However, if your face is scarred and blemished with acne, consider using clay masks or different remedies to fix it. You could also use a little concealer on pimples, but remember that makeup often worsens the condition of your face.
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    Don't go into the sun without sunblock. To avoid sunburn and hurting your skin, apply sunscreen as instructed by the product. Remember that the paler your skin is, the easier it will burn.
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    Paint your nails red. Wednesday has them painted in that shade in both movies. Ask a parent or a friend for help if you're not sure how to paint your nails. However, if you dislike painting your nails, you may skip this step.
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    Do not smile, unless you have a good reason. Examples would be a death or a natural disaster. Wednesday rarely smiles, and when she does, it appears terrifying and frightening.
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    Use sarcasm in huge quantities. Bombard others (especially cheerleaders, Girl Scouts, etc.) with witty, disturbing comments. For example: when someone asks you where someone is, reply "Which part?"
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    Learn about weird things, like babies with two heads or the Bermuda Triangle. Tell random facts about these things at parties or at school. However, avoid appearing as a nerd, for your goal is to sprinkle Wednesday's personality onto yours.
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    Stay in shape. Its hard to be imposing when you're stuffing your face with potato chips. Wednesday appears to be a slender girl.


  • Even Wednesday has feelings. However, make sure you don't express them. Talk about everything in a casual manner.
  • Don't tease. Wait for them to come to you.
  • Try not to laugh as much as a normal person. If possible, don't laugh at all.
  • If possible, hint at gruesome goings-on in your everyday conversations. Ex. If someone says "This tastes like chicken", say, "That's what the chicken said."
  • Wear dark eyeliner, but not mascara. Keep it subtle, but accentuate your eyes and make them look bigger. Don't cover your face in goopy makeup, as Wednesday prefers being simple.
  • If your naturally bubbly and talkative, then everyday, try to not talk so much, if someone asks what's wrong because you're usually more bright than that, then reply, "Why are you asking questions?" or something.
  • Be familiar with the original Addams Family series. The original Wednesday is who you should want to imitate and I hope this helps you!
  • Try to be silent and not start conversations.
  • Don't interrupt. Wednesday is polite to the people around her.
  • If someone is being mean, be aware about what you do to get back at them. You don't want to get in trouble.


  • Expect to be treated as a weirdo or even a threat. Plan your revenge carefully.
  • Don't fall behind in your studies. Wednesday is smart.
  • Wednesday is not popular with the cheerleading crowd. Don't expect to make many friends who belong to the "in" crowd at school.
  • Try not to get in trouble. Don't be overly violent.
  • Being macabre and being threatening are not the same thing. NEVER threaten people with death or dismemberment. Be subtle.
  • Don't expect to be left alone. You may become very well acquainted with the guidance counselor at your school. Teachers may not like your attitude.

Things You'll Need

  • Dark clothing
  • A dark and twisted sense of humor
  • A deadpan expression
  • A hate for happy people or everyone in general
  • And try not to care if people think you're weird, like above, hid your feelings

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