How to Cosplay As Topanga

Boy Meets World was one of the top shows of the late 90's and early 2000s! Topanga was one of the main characters in the show and everyone loved her. Read this article to find out more on how you can be like her.


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    Wear bright colors, like yellow or light pink! If you'll notice on the show, Topanga always wore soft colors like that. She usually wears a 3-piece outfit - 1) A top that slightly exposes her large breasts, but not in a skanky way 2) A jacket or button-down over the top 3) Cute hip-hugging skirts or jeans.
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    Be sweet, but do something a bit unpredictable every once in a while. You're aiming for girl-next-door with a little wild in her. Do nice things for people.
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    Apply little makeup, if any. Lip gloss, Mascara, and maybe a little blush is all you need.
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    Be confident about yourself and act slightly mysterious, like you're hiding a bunch of secrets.
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    Get good grades. Topanga is an excellent student. On the show, Topanga always strived for the best grades, and when she didn't get the best grades, she would always talk to (or yell at) Mr. Feeny about it. Aim for straight A's in school.
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    Accept and expect nothing but the best out of everyone and everything. Part of what made Topanga so sexy and admirable (apart from her looks) was how courageous, assertive, and daring she was. She was a very sweet person, but she took no garbage from anyone. Be nice to people, but at the same time, show that you have a backbone and that you are not afraid to tell people like it is. Find a balance between honest, sincere, and straightforward. Also, try your best at every task and never do anything halfway. Topanga was a bit of a perfectionist.


  • Try to find out what time Boy Meets World (if you have the seasons, it's even better), and watch Topanga closely. Look at the way she dresses, and how she acts!


  • Some friends may not like how you sort of "changed," especially if you were nothing like the girl-next-door before this.

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