How to Cosplay As Slender Man

Are you interested in representing your favorite supernatural being at a Cosplay convention or for Halloween? Then try making your own slender man costume! Recreating slender man's appearance is easy to do and very convincing.


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    Recreate his elongated body. The slender man is known for having an incredibly long body. To recreate this, you can use stilts or platform shoes to give yourself added height. Only consider these options if you are sure of your safety and balance while using them.
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    Create the illusion of the white body. The first step in creating the appearance of the slender man is to imitate his white body. He is known for having completely smooth, shadowless features. There are a few ways to accomplish this going beyond simply painting your body white.
    • Use a white morph/spandex suit. These are full-body suits that are made out of a thin elastic material. You might recall seeing sports fans wearing these in their teams’ colors, but you can buy one in plain white for a slender man costume.
    • Use white nylons or pantyhose stretched over your head and face. The material is thick enough to give the appearance of smoothness (your features won’t be incredibly defined), yet thin enough that you can easily breathe through it.
    • You can use a mask that is completely white in addition to white gloves. Although eye holes are not present in the real slender man, you can glue a sheer white fabric over the inside of the eye holes to allow you some visibility while creating a better illusion.[1]
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    Get the perfect suit. The slender man is always shown wearing a black suit. Over the top of your white body costume, put on a white button-up shirt and black suit. Pair this with a thin black tie, and you’re set.
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    Make the tentacles. Sometimes slender man is shown with black tentacles protruding from his back. Although you can create a great cosplay without the tentacles (as they appear only occasionally), you can make yours perfect by adding them. You will have to make these from scratch, so give yourself a little time to put them together.
    • Use black pool noodles (the big styrofoam/plastic water toys) and wire to create your tentacles. Cut wire to the desired length, and shape them into the preferred tentacle form. Then, cut the pool noodles into strips a few inches thick, and hot glue them to the wire. You can taper the ends with scissors after gluing them to the wire.
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    • Wrap wire in black duct tape and twist to shape. To add added thickness, wrap the wire in fabric batting before adding the duct tape.
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    • Make your tentacles out of puff-clay. This is a cheap type of children’s play clay that is incredibly lightweight and air-dries after a few days. Form the clay into the shape you want the tentacles to be in, and give it time to dry. Then, spray paint it black to match the appearance of slender man.
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    • Attach these to the back of your suit or sew them to the inside, assuming your suit jacket’s only purpose is for the cosplay and will not be worn again under other circumstances.
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    Finish your costume. Use nondescript black shoes and socks to finish the bottom half of your suit. Make sure your tentacles are securely attached and your suit is in order. Once you’ve gotten all these bases covered, you’re set![2]


  • If you don't want to have to create your own costume from scratch, there are many pre-fabricated costumes you can order online to look like slender man.

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