How to Cosplay As Rey from Star Wars VI

Are you in love with the tough desert scavenger Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens? This article will teach you how to cosplay as her!


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    Get the costume. This is, obviously, the most important part of the outfit. As Rey lives on the harsh desert planet of Jakku, she does not own fancy clothing - it is basic and hardy. Rey's typical everyday outfit - the one we see her wear the most in the movie - consists of:
    • A grey/tan shirt that reaches to her upper thighs, a little way past her hips. It appears to be a cloth/rough cotton shirt with a v-shaped collar slit and no sleeves, so a long tank top.
    • A pair of grey/tan cropped cargo trousers that cinch around her knees.
    • Some grey/tan bandages or cloth strips that are wrapped around her arms or pulled over her arms. These protect Rey from the harsh heat and any danger she may encounter while scavenging. They are tight and stop right at the end of her wrists, stopping at the top a little under her armpits.
    • A long flowing piece of white fabric that crosses over her shoulders and chest. The fabric is held in place by two brown leather belts that appear to be melded together at the hip. On one side of the bottom belt is a small brown pouch.
    • A leather wrist cuff, and a pair of boots. The boots are actually a pair of Po Zu Piper V Dark Brown Boots, and are available on the Po Zu website. They are quite expensive, however, so any pair of sturdy ankle boots will do fine. Rey's other outfits are her scavenger gear, which makes a short appearance at the start of the movie. This outfit consists of all of the above items, except Rey wears a brown shawl/wrap of resilient fabric over her head and shoulders, along with a little pair of goggles. She also has her Resistance Base outfit, seen at the end of the movie, which is her shirt, arm guards, and pants, with a grey cloth waistcoat.
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    Style your hair (or wig!). Rey has short straight dark brown hair, styled in an interesting unique hairstyle of three small buns in a row down the back of her head. Her fringe is pulled back off her face and there are small wisps of hair floating down her face. If you are going to style your hair this way, there are many video tutorials on YouTube - just make sure to muss it up a little to keep it realistic. The makeup artists apparently tied the buns with brown wool to give them a rustic feel. You may have to tighten them from time to time, so it would be a good idea to utilize that pouch with bobby pins/hair grips and hair ties to tie the wool over.
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    Set your makeup. Camera flashes and con lights are very unforgiving and will highlight everything, from no matter how far away, so even simple base makeup is integral. In an Allure interview with the makeup artists for the movie, they stated that Daisy wore:
    • Tom Ford Traceless Foundation, By Terry Brightening CC Lumi-Serum in Sunny Flash, and M.A.C and Skin Illustrator pigments on her face.
    • A dark brown eyeliner pencil from Bobbi Brown that was 'smudged and smudged', along with Kanebo Sensai 38C mascara, a mascara that is specially designed to last in extreme temperatures and can only be removed with 100F water.
    • Daisy also had sunscreen on and the makeup artists sterilized sand in hot water before smearing it onto her face. Since Rey is obviously quite grimy and tanned, you may want to invest in some tanning lotion and also a makeup tutorial on how to create fake dirt on yourself.
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    Buy contacts if you have to. Rey's eyes are a green-brown color, and normal contacts will do just fine.
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    Pick your weapons! Rey is often seen with a serious-looking bo staff (you can choose a stick instead, or buy a staff online) or a blaster, given to her by Han Solo. The blaster is an easier choice for practicality, but the staff is much more iconic. You can always buy both, of course. She also wields Luke's/Anakin's lightsaber in the last part of the movie. The lightsaber was blue and is available online for cheap prices.
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    If you really want to take an extra step, work out. For the movie, Daisy had an intense fitness regime and packed on a lot of muscle. This is a completely optional step and is up to you - just remember to whip into shape a while before the con if you're making a costume from scratch. This means that when you measure yourself up you'll be the correct body shape and won't have to worry about gaining/losing weight in between.
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    Figure out some poses. If anyone wants photos with you, they'll be expecting Rey. Common poses are wielding the lightsaber/staff, firing the blaster, crossing your arms, or even just standing to the side while holding the staff. Look up stills of Rey online to get a good feel for everything, and make sure to do a run-through to check you can move okay in the costume. Your pose can also depend on the character you're posing with!


  • Try to not make everything look too polished. Mess up your hair, smear grime on yourself, dirty your costume a little and wrinkle the fabric. Rey lives out in the desert and wears the same clothes every day; her outfit isn't going to be perfect.

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