How to Cosplay As Raven from Teen Titans

Want to be like the cynical Raven? Are you amazed at her dry wits? Want to be mysterious like her? You have just arrived at the right page.


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    Obtain Raven's Attitude
    Be serious.

    Don't let your emotions show, but do come to terms with them and release them safely. Avoid being excited. It is okay to crack a smile occasionally, and if you need to, cry, but as little as possible.
    *Be as smart as you are.
    Protect the ones you care about.
    Don't open so much about yourself. Only trust your closest friends."
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    Have a dry wit. Make ironic remarks about various subject. *Don't be amused when you are in an amusement park. *Be more mature than a typical person.
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    Obtain Raven's Hobbies
    *Read often, Grimm's fairy tales especially.
    *Meditate. This is a great way to keep your emotions under control, and think about important things. Keep your room private! Make sure your room is dark and has lots of books. Also drink herbal tea to relax.
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    Obtain Raven's Look
    *Keep away from tanning.
    When you go outside, wear sunblock. *Keep your hair down. Don't pull it up. * Raven's look is natural. Bright colors are a definite no. If you have to wear makeup, use a black liquid or gel eyeliner on your top lash line, and only a little on your bottom lashes to open up your eyes. *Wear long clothes when possible. *Wear dark, mysterious clothing.
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    Have good advice. Your "friends" should be able to come to you for anything.
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    If you have trouble with this,read self-help books.
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    Keep a journal. While extroverts are primarily concerned with what's going on outside themselves, introverts are often preoccupied with their inner world. One way to shift focus is by keeping a journal; commit to a daily writing practice. Along with meditation, journaling is another way to keep emotions in check.
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    Think before you speak- if you don't have anything to say, then don't say any thing. If you do have anything to say, think about what you're saying to avoid making further embarrassment and stupidity of yourself.
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    Decide which parts of your personality you want to always keep on display, and which parts you want others to only catch a glimpse of. For example, you might let everyone know you don't like reading, but you might only let it slip out every now and then that you're deathly afraid of speaking in public.
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    Stay quiet...don't talk at every opportunity.This shows people you know when to talk and when you do, you have something important to say. Don't stop talking altogether though.
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    Often just read a book or draw. Don't skip rope or go play football or something like that. If you're going swimming or ice skating, simply go around just floating or looking about. Playing on rafts or using a bar to skate aren't very clever ways to make people think you're all that mysterious.


  • Sarcasm should be an ally to you. If you can't think of a good comment, say something sarcastic and walk away.
  • Be loosely happy sometimes when you fall in love or when something very good happens.
  • Be more comfortable at night than during the day.
  • Have a sensitive friend like Starfire, whose emotional outbursts are hard to deal with.
  • Don't act sad ALL the time, just have a less-than-content look on your face most of the time. You know, kind of emotionless.
  • Keep your mind sharp. Even playing Sudoku will sharpen your mind.
  • Have a pushy friend like Beast Boy who occasionally makes Raven thinks he is funny.
  • Be difficult to understand. When people ask you a question,counter-question them. They will probably eventually ask you how's it going with you. When they ask this, look deeply into their eyes for a second or two as if your reading their thoughts, then smirk and shake your head lightly.
  • Wear a black leotard and cape when you're in a Halloween or costume party.
  • Raven occasionally puts a smile on her face, you don't have to be all depressed to be like her. the opposite of Starfire.
  • Relax. Don't get fired up over anything.
  • Participate in games that involve wit and skill.
  • Try to be at least slightly physically fit, Raven does a lot of jumping and running. But don't have too much muscle, Raven's body is sexy and sleek.
  • Put in your opinions in group work and put forward some points that seem logical.
  • Always be the voice of reason. The peacemaker.


  • Your friends might treat you differently. They might not be playful with you anymore because you're matured.
  • You will be teased. Ignore it as best you can. If it lasts more than 5 weeks, you are permitted to (loudly) tell them off. Then ignore them again.
  • Don't try to be like Raven with her abilities. You do not have them. If you jump off a building, you most likely will not be able to levitate. And DON'T try to use Telekinesis you CAN'T do that either.

Things You'll Need

  • Books
  • A good sense of sarcasm.
  • Interest in magic.
  • Dark clothes
  • Intelligence

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