How to Cosplay As Miranda Priestly

Do you love Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada? Maybe you want to be like her? I don't know why you would, but if you do, then this article is for you (hence the title).


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    Don't be a total loser and ask two of your friends to be your assistants and then order them around. That's a way to lose two friends and if you're interested in that, then see this page--
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    Be stylish. If anyone can recognize a flaw about you, don't let it be what you're wearing. Always look sophisticated and classy. Try setting trends, but nothing too outrageous. Remember: You are better than everyone else, therefore you must present yourself in that manner
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    Find little quirky (or ridiculous) things to do. Miranda prefers phone numbers to be separated by periods (ex. 917.555.3345). You could do this as it's not a total steal from her, but find other things as well
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    Always be judging everyone. It sounds extremely shallow because it is. But you clicked on this article and Miranda is shallow. Always make little remarks about people's outfits or style.
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    Don't raise your voice. Even if you're mad. Definitely put anger in your voice, but don't raise your voice. Just look intimidating. This is key. Miranda never raises her voice but that just makes her even scarier.
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    Make it a point to let others around you know how incompetent(a word she uses a lot) they are. Also, if you are annoyed, then let it be known
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    Be extremely confident. Do what you want (to an extent). Walk like you're on a RUNWAY.
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    Have a large vocabulary. No British accent required, but no street slang
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    Always have something witty and belittling to say. Just little snide comments
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    Always have good grades. Miranda is perfect (besides a slight attitude flaw). So work hard because you want to get into a good college so then you can make some real money and then you will be even more like her
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    Don't be afraid to send something back if it's not exactly how you requested it (i.e. at a restaurant, if you order a dress or something. I don't know. Whatever)
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    Remember: Even Miranda has her boundaries and superiors (Irv Ravitz, who is the only person she will leave her office to see). Even though you may despise your Math teacher (God, I know I do), you must not use the rules when talking to him. You can express your annoyance, but in a subtle way. Then, of course when he's gone, you may express your true, raging emotions for him.
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    Keep your friends. Miranda has no friends, but she has power. I'm pretty sure that you have no power, being in High School, Middle School, or whatever else, so you need people to back you up. But, if you have some friends that you would like to get rid of, now is the time.
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    Be bold. Don't be afraid to speak your mind, or express your opinions.


  • Be confident
  • Be flawless
  • Be well spoken
  • Don't be so quick to make plans with someone. Always say that you have to check because you've been really busy
  • Don't be desperate. If someone doesn't call you back, then don't call again. Instead, don't call them next time you're supposed to
  • Be independent
  • Be stylish
  • Keep a planner with everything scheduled in
  • Definitely read the book and watch the movie. If you're not much of a reader, then watch the movie because my love, the beautiful and talented Meryl Streep, does an amazing job at this role. But, since you have clicked on this article, I think I can assume you've seen the movie.
  • Be demanding
  • Be a hard worker
  • Be critical
  • Be in shape! If you're not in shape, then get working. Most celebrities work out a couple times a week. A lot of them do it daily. Why should you be any different?
  • Always be on time, or, better yet, early. Unless you're making an appearance at a party, in which case, showing up late is the way to go. Not too late, though. And if it's not a party worth attending, stop by for fifteen minutes, and leave.
  • Always have your bedroom kept clean (as if a maid had just been in there. Miranda would have a maid, but if you don't have the resources, then just make it look spotless)
  • Keep all this in mind but, don't lose your friends because without friends, family and people who love you life isn't worth living.
  • Be the one everyone wants to be friends with, but secretly hates
  • Don' be one of the girls who act dumb. Miranda is one of the women who is way smarter than everyone
  • Never ever say you're bored. People who are bored are boring people. Always look busy
  • Be shallow


  • People WILL hate you, probably talk about you, and maybe abandon you
  • Be very aware of the fact that you might ruin your life (.......) Haha. Just kidding. But people will probably be mad at you and call you stuck up. But, ultimately it's your choice. Pushover who's friends with everyone and takes lots of crap from everyone? Or controlling, intimidating person who doesn't have friends but knows how to put together the perfect ensemble for a black tie dinner party at the Met?

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