How to Cosplay as Link from Zelda

Three Methods:Dressing the PartUsing AccessoriesRole-Playing as Link

Link is one of the most recognizable heroes from a video game. He's been in the princess rescuing business since 1986. The Link costume can become as detail oriented as you want. Most of his wardrobe is easy to acquire. Find a pal to dress up as Zelda and steal the show!

Method 1
Dressing the Part

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    Research Link’s wardrobe. There are different types of a Link costume that you can take. Consider how much time and money you’re willing to spend. Play Zelda and understand the different generations of the video game.
    • Throughout the generations, the central costume of Link has remained the same.
    • The basics are his green tunic and cap, blonde mid length hair, white or tan pants, and brown gloves/boots.
    • He also carries an array of weapons and a shield.[1] You can decide which of the weapons you’re willing to carry, or omit the weapons entirely if you plan to wear the costume to a location, such as a school, that prohibits toy weapons.
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    Start with the torso. To get the basic look of Link, you’ll need a green shirt that is long. You could also use a green tank top that extends past your rear. Don’t worry if it fits you too loose, you’ll be wearing a belt over it anyway. Use a lighter green or white long sleeved undershirt.
    • Check out some thrift stores before spending too much.
    • Put on the long sleeve shirt and then the green tunic. Finish the torso with a wide brown belt over your waist.[2]
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    Fashion the bottom. For the pants you can use a variety of options based on what generation Link you want to go for. The key to the pants is that they are tight or slim fitting. Go for either white or tan pants.
    • Tights are also a great alternative and fits the time period Link exists in.[3]
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    Style your head. The head is critical for achieving a believable Link. Fashion the hair by either using a wig or by dying your hair blonde. Find a green hat that slouches off the back of your head.
    • If you feel serious you could buy elf extenders for your ears. These are optional, but will add a nice touch to the look.
    • If you have a wig, you should spend some time with a pair of scissors and try styling the hair like Link's.[4]
    • You can also create your own hat by cutting and sewing a green cloth.
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    Cover your limbs. Any serious Link has to have gloves and boots. The boots are always hi-top brown boots. The gloves are either dark grey or brown. Leather is preferred for an authentic look.

Method 2
Using Accessories

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    Create the shield. Another signature aspect of Link’s appearance is his Hylian shield. Search google images for Link’s shield and print a copy for you to reference. Use a foam board and cut out the outline of the shield.[5]
    • Draw a mock up onto the board before cutting.
    • Color in the shield’s design with paint and markers.
    • For extra detail, cut out all the details of the shield with an x-acto knife from a foam board. Then paint the details and use a hot glue gun to position them onto the shield.
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    Carry a sword. Most Link costumes also have some sort of sword. They are usually kept in a holder attached to your back. You can fashion your own sword by using scrap parts of a foam board. The difficult part is making a realistic handle.
    • Make sure the handle is blue if you choose to construct your own sword.[6]
    • You can also purchase a cheap plastic sword and paint the handle blue.
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    Use other accessories. Link doesn’t just carry around a sword and shield. You can get creative with which Link accessories you want to carry. You can use an ocarina for a nice touch that doesn’t require you to build anything. You could also carry a dagger on your waist side.
    • Link also carries a crossbow and arrows with him in the game. Consider this as an option.
    • Don’t carry real weapons. It’s easy to get carried away while in costume.

Method 3
Role-Playing as Link

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    Study his character. Unfortunately Link was never written any dialogue except for two instances where he said “come on.” Since every other character speaks in the game, many believe he is a mute. This should be even easier for you to mimic! When in doubt shut your mouth.[7]
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    Act with confidence. If there is one characteristic trait that you can mimic, it’s being a confident hero. Link never runs from a challenge or says no to others.
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    Have the right posture. Link bears the spirit of the hero.[8] To convey this in a lifelike cosplay scenario, you must showcase good posture. A trick you can use to help your posture is by imagining a coat hanger on your upper torso.
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    Have moves prepared. Depending on the event you go to, you might need to have a few trademark Link moves up your sleeve. A snapshot of Link’s sounds and attacks is in the Smash Bros game for Nintendo. Do the best you can to make sounds like Link by saying:
    • ”Strike”
    • ”Hyeeeh”
    • ”Kyaah”[9]

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