How to Cosplay As Kairi from Kingdom Hearts

Have you ever wanted to look like Kairi from Kingdom Hearts? Cosplaying her is not as easy as it seems. This article will guide you, step-by-step, through exactly how to cosplay as her!


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    Decide how you´ll get your cosplay costume. You may make it yourself or buy it from a store, but be sure it fits you well and suits you. In KHI Kairi wears a white spaghetti strap top and a lavender velvet skirt. In KHII she wears a pink dress with three silver zippers. In her childhood she wears a white neckholder shirt with a light-purple skirt under it. The one from KHII is the most recognizable one, but then again Kairi is in 3 other games KHI style, so decide freely what suits you the most.
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    If you´ll buy it, always remember: you get what you pay for. The more you spend, the better quality you get. For example, if you buy her school uniform for $39.99, it'll be pretty cheap. If you pay more than $60.00, you'll get amazing quality. But be careful of swindlers on the Internet! If you´ll sew your cosplay by yourself, always try to buy high quality fabric.
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    If you´ll make it yourself, go and try to find suitable materials. If you chose the outfit from KHI, try to find a white shirt and a black shirt and sew them together. Try to get her bracelets, her belt, her choker, her necklace and the lines at her shirt. For the skirt you have to look closely at the quilling and the left side of it - there the skirt is sliced and you can see a pair of shorts underneath. For the shoes, just wear white slippers and color them up with textile color. You can also add sparkly loops to the mid-toe. If you chose the outfit from KHII, try to find a sleeveless pink dress or sew it from a great piece of textile. Then you should get three zippers (plus a fourth one if you want to sew it in the side of your dress, but that´s optional) and sew them in. The shoes are pretty easy to get: just buy a pair of lavender converses with black soles and white tips, then tie them with a pair of black shoelaces - make sure the laces lace up your calves and tie them in a bow. You also need a white neckholder shirt and a black hood - if you want, make it so you can put it over your head. For the bag, you should try to get a little bag with a lavender ribbon that will fit into the cosplay and some material you can use as holders. She also wears suspender remnants around her waist. Lastly, try to find three bracelets that will fit into her outfit in the colors of blue, black and white.
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    Get into her personality. Kairi is an outgoing, kind girl who is not afraid to speak out her mind, even if it will anger others. She always smiles at other people and carries many hopes and dreams with her. So should you: try to be always polite and friendly towards others, hug people you are very near to and greet them with all your warmth. Also, try to get a sweet, playful and cheerful behavior, and if you like you can tease friends a bit - but stay playful and make sure they know that you don´t want to hurt them.


  • One of Kairi's trademarks is her burgundy hair. In realistic pictures it is pinkish red, and in animated pictures (a.k.a in-between beginning to end) it is burgundy. Wear it the way she does or, if you don´t have her hair color, wear a wig, it is very easy to put on. They can be expensive, but will last much longer than hair dye. If you don't want to buy a wig you can get your hair cut like hers, and straighten it. Kairi's hair is very straight, there are no weaves in her hair, so if you have curly or wavy hair, try to use a hair straightener. If you don´t want to straighten your hair, overthink the idea of cosplaying Kairi.
  • Your cosplay will look more authentic if you get the weapon Kairi wields, so try to find a cheap Keyblade or do it yourself. The best choice is always "Destiny's Embrace" - with the flowers -, but you may also prefer "Kingdom Key". Also, you may wield "Oathkeeper". She doesn´t wield it in battle herself, but the Keyblade is actually made of Sora's memories of her, so that would be good too.
  • It would also help if you colour your eyebrows to match Kairi's red hair. You can do this by applying foundation all over your face (even over the eyebrows) and then use a red pencil liner to colour in your brows. Or you can take a glue stick, smear it on your eyebrows, then put red eyeshadow onto then and it'll stick. This can help make the cosplay more authentic.
  • To help you get more into her personality, you can even try to dress like her in your free time: wear soft colors like velvet, rose, and white together with accessories in black and purple. She likes chokers and necklaces, too, so try to wear always a teardrop necklace and/or get a black choker that looks good on you. Also, her look is sweet, but comfortable, so try to find the balance. She likes to leave the down part of her zipper open, so try to do this with your own jacket, too.
  • Kairi has shining blue eyes, so if you don´t have blue eyes, try to wear contacts, or - if you just want to take photos - edit them with programmes like Photoshop or Artweaver. Green eyes aren´t that bad, but dark-brown eyes aren´t supporting the Kairi look.
  • Using make-up is also an option to look more like her. Kairi has rosy cheeks, so try to make it seem that your cheeks are glowing rosy. Her lips are rosy too, so try to get a lipstick with a pink or peachy tone. To get her long black eyelashes, use a bit of mascara to create more depth. Stay away from very large false lashes, they´re just looking unnatural and messing up the Kairi look. Instead, draw long black lines with black or brown eyeliner on your upper lid and highlight the inner eye area to fresh up your gaze.
  • Try to find out as much as you can about Kairi's habits, likings, behavior and - at least - her story in KH. If some other cosplayers are asking you things, it doesn't support your authenticity if you have no idea what you are actually cosplaying!


  • Watch out for fans! Kairi is a popular character, so it may happen that many fans want to take photos! If you don´t want to be photographed, just smile and tell them you don´t want to - but always stay polite and friendly. You could convince somebody to cosplay with you as Sora, Riku, or Naminé. If you get a fan club, you could quote things such as "I'm late for a date with Sora","I was on my way to help Riku, so yeah", or "No thanks, I'm going to visit Naminé at Castle Oblivion".

Things You'll Need

  • A costume - no duh! you're not gonna go naked
  • Temporary spray or a red wig
  • Blue eye contacts (optional)
  • A yellow or white teardrop necklace
  • A Keyblade (optional)
  • Other accessories (optional)
  • A few friends to cosplay with (optional)

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