How to Cosplay As Jack Harkness

Jack Harkness, leader of Torchwood's Cardiff base, Time Agent of the 51st century. There are several degrees to which you can work this costume depending on the materials and supplies at your disposal.


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    Purchase a good pair of dress slacks in a dark colour. Grey, brown, blue, charcoal all are suitable. Suspenders are absolutely necessary.
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    Purchase some white undershirts and some men's dress shirts. He usually wears either dark blue or light blue shirts, sometimes with passants and large military style pockets. Roll the sleeves of the dress shirt up to just below the elbows.
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    Wear braces. Braces are like suspenders but they button to your trousers. They can be purchased at a formal store or online for relatively cheap. Jack wears red, grey, or cream braces and they are essential to the Jack Harkness look.
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    Find a WWII officer's gray coat. This can be purchased for 35 quid online or from a military surplus store. It is known as an RAF Great Coat. Otherwise, sew some officers patches onto a similar-looking gray wool coat.
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    Add accessories. The accessories may include a brown leather wrist strap, a bluetooth-style head set, a replica firearm and holster. He is seen wearing hiking-type shoes or brown/black dress shoes. Any props of the gadgets used in Doctor Who or Torchwood can be added if you have them (use a sonic gun for full Jack Harkness vintage authenticity. This gun is not used again after the first episode he is featured in, in Doctor Who). He has a trademark Vortex Manipulator he wears on his left wrist.
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    Cultivate the debonair hairstyle. Jack keeps his hair swept to the front and side with what appears to be a gel or pomade. He is clean-shaven, with neatly trimmed short sideburns (to about mid-ear).


  • You may need to put on make-up to get Jack's "clean shaven" look. After shaving off any facial hair, apply a small amount of foundation on your face. If you need help choosing the right foundation color, ask a sister or female friend. If you are too embarrassed to ask someone you know, go to a department store with makeup counters. Ask one of the specialists which color will work the best.
  • Check the rules at the location where you plan to cosplay regarding replica and prop firearms. Be prepared to leave your weapon-related props at home.

Things You'll Need

  • Gray wool coat
  • Dress shirt
  • Dress slacks
  • Braces (button on not suspenders)
  • Brown shoes
  • Vortex Manipulator
  • Accessories

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