How to Cosplay As Isabella Swan

Bella Swan is a lovely fictional character in the Twilight series. Read this article to find out how to be like her, or similar to her.


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    Work on acting like her: be clumsy, be bad at sports, be shy, never spend to much time in your house, jut your chin out when you're angry/arguing/running on 'stubborn mode', have to be pretty smart, be nice, loyal to your friends, do more cleaning around the house than you usually do, and maybe cook dinner for your family every once in a while, be curious and observant. You most probably have to be a deep thinker or an introvert to be Bella. Keep away from attention, remember: Bella doesn't like attention. Be selfless, bite your nails, help out (even when not asked). Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Be thankful for what you've got (even if its little). And be strong minded/willed and tough but sensitive. Don't swear. Bella sleeps well and sleep talks but I don't know how you can change that (but you could probably find something on it through the Internet).
    • Bella addresses her mom as 'Renee' and her dad as 'Charlie', to their face call them mom and dad. But I probably wouldn't call your parent/s by their first name unless you're contemplating suicide.
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    Look like her: if you don't have the same hair color it's OK (you don't have to be an exact replica of her, unless you want to be), if so than you should die your have a nice natural looking dark brown. Bella has either straight or curly/wavy hair down to around her waist or middle of her back or you can have it a couple inches past shoulder length. So its good if you naturally have wavy hair. If she doesn't feel like doing anything to it than she will just put it up into a ponytail. Her eyebrows a little darker than her hair and more straight than they are arched.
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    Try makeup to give you a heart shaped face if you don't already have one. A wide forehead with a widow's peak, large, wide-spaced eyes, prominent cheekbones, and then a thin nose and a narrow jaw with a pointed chin. She has chocolate brown eyes and a fair complexion. Her lips are a little out of proportion; a bit too full for her jaw line.
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    Put together an outfit to dress like Bella you need a few things. First you need to get a lot of boot-cut jeans and straight-leg jeans, that is what Bella wore. No skinny jeans. Next, Bella wears a lot of old looking tops; nothing in style (she doesn't keep up with what's in style or not). She wears long sleeve under a short sleeve. A lot of button down over shirts. The one thing she cares about with her clothing choice for the day is that her outfit at least matches. Another thing is that she wears nothing designer, strictly name brand and older stuff she's had for a while. Then, she also wears different shoes. She has her rain boots, hiking boots, black and white vans(NOT CHECKERED), her converse. She has around two or three jackets (one with a zip) and a few sweaters (living in Forks and all). Another tip I can give you is that her wardrobe sticks to mainly earth tones.
    • Bella also dresses in just cheap, simple name brand clothing. She wears jeans practically everyday. When she wants to get comfy at home she will switch into her favorite sweat pants. Bella normally wears blouses, plain t-shirts, or some old clothes shes had. Also she uses Strawberry Shampoo (I don't know which brand).
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    You should also get your own style of scrawly writing. Or maybe even memorise Bella's. Bella's handwriting is in Pablo font. There are also sites that offer insight into someones personality through their handwriting. Maybe you could try that out. It may not be exactly right because Bella's handwriting is a computer font therefore not a persons personality written into the form of letters.
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    Read the classics, Like Jane Eyre or Romeo and Juliet.
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    Listen to rock like Linkin park. Maybe even throw a bit of Stephenie in there and get to know Muse (Stephenie Meyers favourite band) a little bit more.
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    Get similar jewelry. Bella wears a silver ring with a moonstone on it and she wears that on her right index finger.


  • Don't stand out blend into the crowd but if you are asked a question shyly answer it.
  • Say things Bella says, like "That's an understatement.", "Holy crow!", "Stupid, shiny Volvo owner."
  • It's just better to be yourself, really. Trying to be a fictitious character isn't healthy, although she may be inspiration.


  • If you want to trip or fake fall do so but don't hurt yourself or make it seem like you're trying to.

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