How to Cosplay As Ever Bloom

Do you wish to be just like your idol, Ever Bloom, from the Immortal series? Do you find it hard to find an article how to? If so, this article will help you cosplay as Ever Bloom.


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    1)Looks- Ever is 5'8" but at the beginning she was 5'4". She's skinny. Ever has long, blond hair that goes down to her waist. If you have brown, red or black hair and wish to dye it blond, do so if you want to. But if you like your hair color, I don't think there's a need to change it. She has deep, blue eyes. Again, if you want to get contacts, you can. But you don't have to change the color. At the beginning, Ever dresses in mostly hoodies, sweaters and jeans. But toward the end of Evermore and in the rest of the Immortal series she doesn't wear them as much anymore. When Ever isn't wearing hoodies, she's wearing long-sleeve shirts and sometimes T-shirts. For dressing formal, you should wear a blue dress and fancy your hair a little. For sleeping, Ever wears nightgowns. Ever doesn't wear makeup. She usually only puts chapstick. But sometimes when she is crushing on someone she will put on lipstick. If you want to be like Ever, you shouldn't wear bronzer. Ever is very pale.
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    2) Personality- Ever is stubborn, jealous, paranoid. She is brave and she loves Damien with all of her heart. She'll do anything for him, and vise-versa. But Ever chooses the option that isn't usually best. She doesn't believe easily and she usually believes the wrong person. If she could, she would go back in time and save her family. She loves her family more than anything on earth. She wishes she could be normal again but she can't change the past, it just is. Ever is known to be a freak because she hides under a hood, tunes out everyone with her iPod and wears sunglasses so she can't see peoples auras. If you don't care about being a freak and you are brave enough to try this, then be my guest. (I have been acting like Ever for the past two weeks now and some people have called me a freak but I don't care because Ever is my idol and I set my mind to being like her) Ever has 3 friends and she keeps it that way.
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    3) Ever has an iPod with music like Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Bauhaus, Sex Pistols. She also has a big room with bed, dresser, desk, flat-screen TV, a massive walk-in closet; a huge bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub ans separate shower stall; a balcony with an amazing ocean view; own private den/game room with flat-screen TV, wet bar, microwave, mini fringe, dishwasher, stereo, couches, tables, beanbag chairs, the works.


  • Okay, we all know Immortals are most likely fiction. Don't go around saying "I'm Immortal!" Because people will think your insane and get a therapist on you...

Things You'll Need

  • iPod (with goth music and eighty's stuff)
  • Sunglasses
  • Long-Sleeves
  • To be like Ever, you need:
  • Lots of Hoodies.
  • P.S- Find your Damen(:
  • And a determined mind.
  • Some t-shirts

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