How to Cosplay As Ed From CowboyBebop

Cosplaying (Costume Playing or Masquerading) is when people dress up and/or act as their favorite characters, usually at conventions or even just for fun. While most commonly people from video games or anime, some do people dress up as people from cartoons or movies. However, many of these costumes are either too elaborate for new people to create or too expensive to buy. A simple solution is to pick a character with a simple costume, such as Ed from the anime Cowboy Bebop.


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    Look at reference pictures of Ed, either by using your favorite search engine to find pictures or watching the anime. This will help by getting oriented with what the costume requires.
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    Find a T-shirt. It must not be tight or have a defined collar. Ed's shirt is loose and flowing. If it's not possible to find one without a collar, simply cut it off with scissors. Same for the length on the shirt for it shows off her small stomach.
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    Find a pair of biker shorts or exercise shorts. They should reach right above the knees and be solid black. If you are going to be spot on, look for something with a shiny material.
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    Make your hair stand up like Eds, then try simply putting temporary dye in your hair to make it red. If not, then try to find a short red wig and style it with hairspray and gel.
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    Find a pair of swim goggles, preferably round and dark green. Place them on top of your head like a headband.


  • Keep in mind that Ed is a loud and outgoing character. She doesn't really care or focus on what people think or say of her. She likes to make the fun out of life and sees to it that she will. So when you cosplay her make sure you're loud and aren't shy of interacting with new people.
  • Although optional, it's a good idea to try to act like your character. She is hyper, she likes to talk, jump around and have fun. She usually runs, rolls, skips, hops or walks on her hands, for transportation.
  • Ed walks with her legs front forward, almost like marching but she keeps her legs straight. She swings her hands back and forth while making her legs space out in front of her. When she is not stunting a hand stand or a cartwheel, or something like that.
  • If you want to, you could hook a USB cord to your goggles.
  • To save money on parts of the costume, rather than buying everything new, try looking at a second hand store. They tend to carry all sorts of odds and ends as well as things that may not be in fashion.
  • Fans of the anime will often question their favorite characters about the character or sometimes just the show in general, so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with it somehow before going.
  • She has two blush marks always present on her face. Almost seeming as there bubbly and cute. So this is a must when cosplaying her, where you can simply cut out two ovals from pink paper or something. Then taping or sticking it somehow onto your face cheeks. Or preferably, apply a thick amount of blush keeping the oval shape.
  • Ed cares about a Welsh Corgi named Ein. So, you might want to carry a plush of the dog around.
  • Remember that she is a master hacker and can possibly crack any code or such along with computers. So pretend, if you already can, that you know what you're doing when messing with a computer.


  • Don't try to walk on your hands if you don't know how.
  • Before you bring any props to a convention, check the convention website or call to see if your prop is okay.
  • Keep in mind that if you're planning on going to a convention with this, carrying around too many props could be cumbersome if you have to hold onto them the whole day(s). Try limiting it to one or two and/or possibly bring a bag in case you decide not to carry it.
  • If you plan on entering any costume contests, be sure to check with the rules if you are planning on buying any part of the costume already assembled. Sometimes buying something will cause you to be disqualified.
  • Make sure you do not try any of the stunts or actions Ed does if you do not know how. You do not want to go to a convention then try to do a cartwheel and cracking your neck and ending up in the hospital. It is an ordeal to do some simple stunts like a roll or things along that line. But it is not a must if you cannot do the things above that. It's best to be safe then be the best.

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